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11 The Untouchables Reviews

I was excited to see my favorite ska band, the Untouchables and arrived in plenty of time for their 10PM start (wearing a very large Untouchables tshirt). Another band started at 10 on the main stage so I figured this festival was just running...continued

Albert Rowuin

this was a lot of fun, it was super crowded even early on. I don't think the Untouchables were given enough time, especially compared to some of the later bands that weren't as interesting. there were some sound issues, and mic issues, which is...continued

Albert Rowuin

The Skeletones were great, left a couple of songs into the Untouchables, got tired after waiting forever and paying to much for weak drinks. Not a great place to wait around till the band comes one, the little bar on the other side of the stairs I...continued


The Brixton is a cool venue. If you go see a show, get there early to grab a seat or pay the cash for a booth.

Ms. Munster
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