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Austin Nation
847 events
721 reviews
203 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jul 23 2010

Not bad...but I think I was expecting way more since I had heard such great things about it.

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Albert Rowuin
689 events
559 reviews
796 stars
attended The Who on May 22 2016

I wasn't planning on attending this local show but when I saw tickets on Goldstar I took a chance and ending up really enjoying it! The seats were surprisingly good even if the discount was only somewhat modest.

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997 events
469 reviews
1112 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Oct 17 2009

This was a high quality production and the band gets 4.0 stars because they rocked. Most of the cast was very talented. Uncle Ernie in his short amount of time had the best "into it" rocker voice and was an excellent creepy uncle. The rest of...continued

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844 events
363 reviews
110 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Nov 07 2009

Extremely well done!!!! Thoroughly enjoyable - :)

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S. Craig
S. Craig Red Velvet
433 events
182 reviews
56 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jun 20 2008

TOMMY-"Lost In Translation" As I sat in the audience with my kids, I was perplexed why, with a great cast, outstanding sound through the Bose headsets, and all the elements in place, this production felt sterile and inert. It wasn't until...continued

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142 events
130 reviews
40 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jul 03 2008

The sound system alone is worth going - amazing! The actors were all quite good, especially Aleks Pever as Tommy, and it was an exciting night.

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Mark Marcus
483 events
120 reviews
1928 stars
attended Roger Daltrey on Oct 17 2009

Roger Daltrey was amazing. I was thrilled to hear "Babba O'Reilly" and a number of other Who hits, but a little disappointed that he didn't sing anything from "Tommy." Still, what a privilege to see him perform in such an intimate venue as the...continued

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439 events
117 reviews
199 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Oct 31 2009

This is not your ordinary, small theatre experience. The music, the singing and the acting were all first rate and just happened to be presented at a relatively small place. It could just as easily have been presented at ACT or off-Broadway, it...continued

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jane Red Velvet
266 events
106 reviews
38 stars
attended British Rock Royalty Laser Spectacular on Feb 21 2015

music loud like a R&R concert should be. great covers of great bands. but what really made it for me were the color altering glasses. total flashback which is sometimes very important to remember times of old.

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Tracey A.
Tracey A. Red Velvet
277 events
105 reviews
328 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jun 18 2008

It was an OK production & could've been better. The actor playing Tommy was excellent!

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Denise M.
Denise M. Red Velvet
163 events
95 reviews
69 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Oct 16 2009

Just an overall great night of high-energy theater. The Who would be proud of this production. Even the staff were on the ball and gracious. Opening night was a blast.

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Michael Yampolsky
300 events
82 reviews
37 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jul 11 2010

Let's make one thing clear: this is NOT your father's Tommy. I know, because I AMyour father. I first saw an unauthorized production of Tommy back in 1970 at Beverly Hills High, and I still remember how we eagerly deconstructed the rock opera in...continued

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Clifford Young
148 events
77 reviews
17 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Nov 07 2009

I came with an open mind and I was pleasantly surprised what a great show this was! The cast members were very good in both singing and dancing and the show flowed from beginning to end. If this show is still going on, and you have a chance to...continued

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Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Red Velvet
214 events
76 reviews
101 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jul 11 2010

An excellent production. The cast was full of energy. The director and choreographer also did a great job. Well worth the price of admission. Go see it if tou have a chance.

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amaryllis Red Velvet
102 events
71 reviews
61 stars
attended Tommy 35th Anniversary Screening on May 21 2010

I did love the film, and I appreciated it so much more than the first time around many, MANY years ago. I didn't love the Q & A afterwards. It was an annoying waste of my time with the director doing nothing but an extended schtick playing at...continued

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amaryllis Red Velvet
102 events
71 reviews
61 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jul 05 2008

A most enjoyable production. Well acted, sung, and danced. "Was so nice I saw it twice" (...Goldstar deal made it easy.) Tuesday show was good; Saturday eve was great!! Aleks Pevec, did a PHENOMENAL job as Tommy. What a magnificent voice he...continued

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gail lehrbass
97 events
48 reviews
64 stars
attended Roger Daltrey Charity Concert on Aug 10 2013

Decent seats. Great concert.

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116 events
41 reviews
11 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Oct 24 2009

The dancing, singing, and music were wonderful. A thoroughly enjoyable performance.

I wish I had the time to see it again.

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Michael M. Landman-Karny
Michael M. Landman-Karny Red Velvet
225 events
38 reviews
159 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jun 22 2008

This revival was quite disappointing - Pedestrian staging, ridiculously simple light design, laughably bad accents and choreography that would shame a high school of the performing arts.

Alice Ripley who is usually a fantastic performer...continued

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Missy Y
Missy Y Red Velvet
122 events
34 reviews
271 stars
attended The Who’s Tommy on Jun 26 2008

Aleks Pevec was amazing. I didn't think the headphones added to the experience in fact it distanced the audience if anything. I think it was a good experiment but I would have preferred a killer surround sound experience without headphones.

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