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Take a magical trip over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her little dog Toto, in the all-time family favorite The Wizard of Oz. Everyone loves the classic story of the girl who wakes up in a strange land filled with witches and wizards, munchkins and monkeys — and befriends a cowardly lion, a tin man without a heart and a scarecrow with no brain in her quest to find her way back home. L. Frank Baum’s original novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, came out in 1900, and has been adapted countless times, most famously as the classic 1939 film starring Judy Garland, the Michael Jackson film, The Wiz, and the latest adaptation, 2011’s musical extravaganza from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

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Austin Nation
840 events
719 reviews
196 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Sep 13 2019

I was a really good show!! Had some great talent, wonderful costumes and creative sets for the small space. The productions here are getting better and better...

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H. Gold
H. Gold Red Velvet
696 events
217 reviews
919 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Oct 08 2016

One of the best performances we ever attended!! We absolutely loved it!! The cast and music ensemble were outstanding: Taylor-Rey Rivera (as Dorothy), Derrick Montalvado (as Scarecrow) and A.J. Acevedo (as Oz) gave especially amazing performances,...continued

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Jerry Davis
389 events
216 reviews
24 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Apr 15 2017

Cute children's play but funny enough for adults glad I saw good singing

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Goldstar member
Goldstar member Red Velvet
390 events
99 reviews
70 stars
attended Wizard of Oz — Young Performers Edition on Aug 03 2019

Very cute production; most of the children were fully into character, with lovely singing voices and enthusiastically committed to their dancing. However, there were one or two ensemble members who were purposely trying to pull focus away from...continued

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Rita Ruffin
146 events
70 reviews
132 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jan 13 2019

The children were fabulous.....the entire show was very entertaining.

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Howard Mattern
Howard Mattern Red Velvet
89 events
42 reviews
16 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jan 06 2019

The scarecrow and the tin man lacked luster. The lighting was a bit harsh with the spotlights being overly bright. The children and sets were very good. The lion was the best. The set changes were to lengthy and chaotic. When steam was needed to...continued

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Mary Ryan
109 events
39 reviews
5 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Oct 31 2019

Fabulous, creative production! Strong performances by all. It was a joy to watch.

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115 events
34 reviews
14 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jan 12 2019

Very impressed by the quality of this performance.

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Ellen DiGiampaolo
93 events
26 reviews
56 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jan 05 2019

The Encore presentation had some special moments but was unexceptional in total performance. The cowardly lion was standout in humor and depicting well his character. Dorothy’s voice was good but her projection missed in some key areas. Probably...continued

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Monique Garcia
84 events
22 reviews
4 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Sep 02 2017

I enjoyed the show very much. My daughter loved it.

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Terry Costa
27 events
14 reviews
21 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Aug 16 2019


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Stephen Hata
174 events
13 reviews
122 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Aug 22 2019

Wonderful production. Principles are awesome.

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Fran Davis
Fran Davis Red Velvet
81 events
11 reviews
21 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Dec 22 2018

Great acting, singing, orchestra, storyline. Our 5-year-old great-grandson was over the moon. We all were enchanted and will return for West Side Story, for sure! Just wish the theater seating was better. Hard for children to see the stage -...continued

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Denise Red Velvet
75 events
7 reviews
33 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jan 13 2019

My daughter and I loved the show. It was very cleverly performed and kept a smile on my daughter's face the whole time.

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Nadine Pearson
10 events
5 reviews
23 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jul 08 2017

So much fun. Great production. The talent was phenomenal.

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12 events
3 reviews
6 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Nov 19 2016

My almost 4 year old son and I attended the play and we both enjoyed ourselves. Small theater, but it was intimate, as it was my son's very first play. The level of talent experienced was amazing, and we talked about it all weekend. We will be...continued

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Jacqueline Ivey
5 events
1 review
12 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Sep 21 2019

I Would have been disappointed to miss this show, everyone was great!! The music was fantastic!! Much love to All.

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Tamara Primera
6 events
1 review
10 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Nov 02 2019

Great production. I loved the movement and simplicity. The production used the venue in the perfect way to compliment the performers without interfering with their talents. I also loved the cross section of society cast in the play.

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Geralyn M.
258 events
184 reviews
16 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jan 06 2019

What a great show!!! We absolutely loved it. If you are a classic wizard of oz fan, which I am, you will thoroughly enjoy the production The staging the props the performances were all top notch. And the adorable children as the munchkins was...continued

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143 events
125 reviews
13 stars
attended The Wizard of Oz on Jul 30 2017

I really enjoyed this show and I did not take a youngster with me. The singing was great. The performers did a great job. The costumes were well done. I am a true fan of the Wizard of Oz and as a child it was a family event to watch the Wizard of...continued

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