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137 Vanessa Williams Reviews

Austin Nation
852 events
723 reviews
218 stars
attended Vanessa Williams on Apr 25 2015

BORING. I can't believe I paid this much money for what I got. Varla Jean performed the same old material I had see her do last time she was in SF....I couldn't believe it. She should have added something new to her act. Then, instead of...continued

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Bob S.
309 events
288 reviews
461 stars
attended Vanessa Williams on Apr 25 2015

I thought going in that Varla Jean and Vanessa were an odd pairing but it ended up being fine. The crowd was up and having a good time laughing to Varla's creative hijinx. Then Vanessa took the stage to wow us with stories and song. And she sure...continued

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Al Keep
266 events
147 reviews
28 stars
attended Vanessa Williams in Concert on Jan 16 2015

Vanessa Williams is a very accomplished and excellent singer. It was a fabulous concert.

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Anthony Braxton
233 events
78 reviews
700 stars
attended Vanessa Williams on Apr 25 2015

Wonderful. Fabulous. Anything Seth Redusky is involved in is a theater lover's dream. The song and interview format was engaging. Seth is a more than able host and Vanessa recounted stories that were full of unexpected truthfulness.

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