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22 Washington Balalaika Society Reviews

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attended Washington Balalaika Society in Concert on Jan 17 2016

A must see event for everyone! They're great musicians and it's a very fun evening or afternoon. The Society is phenomenal and each show we've seen is different. Treat yourself and go!

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Diane Straub
162 events
70 reviews
11 stars
attended Washington Balalaika Society: Musical Treasures on Nov 21 2015

Very enjoyable. They will be back in June and I'll try and go again.
I did have to move my seat, because some older women couldn't stop talking and one was using her phone flashlight to read her program during the performance!
So rude!

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Marlene Langert
79 events
45 reviews
19 stars
attended Washington Balalaika Society: Magical Strings on Jun 04 2016

My parents and grandparents escaped from different parts of the Soviet Union in 1921 and got to the USA in February of 1923. I have an affinity to Russian music. The orchestra was better than ever. They had a fuller sound, it seemed like more...continued

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