The Moustrap by Agatha Christie Tickets
Scottdale, GA

The Moustrap by Agatha Christie Tickets

The Moustrap by Agatha Christie Tickets

About The Moustrap by Agatha Christie

A timeless tale of “whodunit,” Agatha Christie’s "The Mousetrap" strands seven strangers at Monkswell Manor during a blizzard. But a police sergeant unexpectedly arrives, worried that a murderer-at-large is among the guests of the Manor. Before he can prevent it, one of the guests is killed, prompting an urgent investigation into the lives and histories of everyone present. Someone here is the killer, and another of them soon may be the next victim. Will the police be able to solve the case before another “mouse” falls? The world’s longest continuously running play for over 60 years, "The Mousetrap" continues to delight and intrigue mystery lovers of all ages.

Directed By: Jimmy Spearman

Cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited and all other electronics should be silenced prior to the beginning of the performance.

Shows start promptly on time. Late arrivals will be held in the lobby until entry will not disrupt the actors and other patrons.

Start date

September 15th, 2023

End date

October 8th, 2023



OnStage Atlanta

3041 North Decatur Road, Scottdale, GA, United States, 30079


Unfortunately, tickets for this event are no longer available.