How I Learned to Drive
How I Learned to Drive Tickets

How I Learned to Drive Tickets

7 Stages, Atlanta
Oct 12, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023

About How I Learned to Drive

Authenticity Theater presents the Pulitzer Prize winning "How I Learned to Drive" at 7 Stages Theater Backstage. This acclaimed show is an emotional journey about the troubling, conflicted relationship between “L’il Bit” and her Uncle Peck through her teenage years and beyond. The story follows her coming of age with the metaphor of her driving lessons and the lasting impact of the relationship on her adult life. It’s the story which Vogel said she hopes will “get the audience to go along for a ride they wouldn’t ordinarily take, or don’t even know they’re taking.” "How I Learned to Drive" is all at once funny, tender, sad, shocking, and powerful. Directed by Brooke-Erin Smith. Paid parking available behind 7 Stages Theatre