American Patchwork Quartet
American Patchwork Quartet Tickets

American Patchwork Quartet Tickets

Roswell Cultural Arts Center, Roswell
Oct 27, 2023 - Oct 27, 2023

About American Patchwork Quartet

American Patchwork Quartet is on a mission to reclaim the immigrant soul of American Roots Music. Join multi-Grammy-winning artists as they breathe new life into centuries-old American songs. Vocalist/violinist Harini Raghavan, guitarist/vocalist Clay Ross, drummer Clarence Penn, and bassist Nori Naraoka are four U.S. citizens from vastly different cultural backgrounds, united by music, and a shared mission to spark conversation around race and immigration. Beyond borders, cultures, and colors, American Patchwork Quartet compels audiences to reflect on our shared histories and defining differences. Presenting timeless classics such as Wayfaring Stranger, Shenandoah, and Gone for A Soldier, this multicultural group of performers ignite the material with stunning musical influences from their respective cultures. We have free parking beside the facility and across the foot bridge at City Hall.