The Mad Hatterpillar
The Mad Hatterpillar Tickets

The Mad Hatterpillar Tickets

Stage Door Theatre, Dunwoody
Jan 26, 2024 - Feb 11, 2024

About The Mad Hatterpillar

Join us for the world premiere of "The Mad Hatterpillar and Her Many Heads" at Stage Door Theatre from January 26th to February 10th. Written and directed by Rachel Frawley, with captivating music by Sara Beth Hester, this production promises a unique and enchanting experience. Delve into the tale of Maddie, a caterpillar with dreams of becoming a butterfly. As she undergoes an unexpected transformation, gaining heads each with its own personality, she and her newfound companions face challenges from a determined gardener. This story, filled with whimsy, growth, and the enchantment of metamorphosis, is a must-see.