Greener Pastures Tickets
Lawrenceville, GA

Greener Pastures Tickets

Greener Pastures: What to expect - 1
Greener Pastures Tickets

About Greener Pastures

Forty-eight-year-old Dorothy, a two-bit actor with performance anxiety, has reached her breaking point portraying a singing sandwich on the local children’s show Lunchtime with Munchkins. When she finds a technicality in the contract, she chucks it all to live the good life at the Greener Pastures Retirement Center. Her new roommate, the wisecracking curmudgeon Maxine, wants the attention-grabbing whippersnapper gone. This battle of wills and wits is a Golden Girls meets The Odd Couple crowd-pleaser that makes a perfect date with grandma.

Run time

1h 30m (without intermission)

Start date

March 22nd, 2024

End date

April 14th, 2024



Mild Language and Some Mature Themes


Lawrenceville Arts Center - Clyde & Sandra Strickland Grand Stage

125 North Clayton Street, Lawrenceville, GA, United States, 30046


Unfortunately, tickets for this event are no longer available.