Skip the Super Bowl Party — Head to One of These Events Instead

Super Bowl 50

Not a Broncos or Panthers fan? Hate football altogether? There are plenty of things you can do this Sunday that don’t involve stuffing your face with seven-layer dip while you wait for the commercials (which you can catch later on YouTube anyway). If you’re looking for a football-free afternoon or evening, try one of these events …

In San Diego …
Realish Housewives of San Diego
Get your trashy TV fix at The Realish Housewives of San Diego.
If your TV at home is being monopolized by sports, this reality TV parody with plenty of brawls, booze and Botox will keep you entertained.

In New York …
Vikings Exhibition
Swap football players for a different kind of tough guy at The Vikings Exhibition at Discovery Times Square.
After seeing the Vikings’ swords and armor and learning about their brutal lives, those football players might seem positively meek by comparison.

In San Francisco …
Satchmo at the Waldorf
Witness two jazz legends spring to life on stage in one-man show Satchmo at the Waldorf.
John Douglas Thompson, who The New Yorker calls the country’s "greatest classical actor,” plays both Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong, a pair of jazz titans who helped shape music history.

In Key West …
Day Sail Around Key West
Hit the water for a Day Sail Around Key West.
Step aboard a Schooner ship for a two-hour adventure on the majestic green waters of Key West. While you’re taking in the sights, sun and crisp sea air, enjoy a beer or glass of champagne — and keep your eyes peeled for the possible sight of dolphins and sea turtles.

In Los Angeles …
Freeze Frame
Feel the rhythm at Debbie Allen’s Freeze Frame.
Emmy-winning choreographer Debbie Allen’s new show fuses dance, music, cinema and theater into a spectacle that captures the passion and pain of L.A.’s toughest streets.

In Washington D.C. …
Guards at the Taj
Ride an emotional roller coaster while watching Guards at the Taj.
Exuberantly comic, shockingly brutal and deeply tragic, this show was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for its portrayal of two good-natured guys who think if they successfully guard the Taj Mahal they’ll be promoted to guarding the harem.

In Chicago …
Fifty Shades of Shakespeare
Go for something a little naughty at Fifty Shades of Shakespeare.
Indulge in an orgy of hilarious, powerful and revealing moments in these twists on Shakespeare’s sexiest scenes.

Want more ways to skip the big game? Find Goldstar events happening in your area this Sunday.

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