Filmmaker, Playwright & Novelist Brad T. Gottfred Is Inspired By…

It’s time to meet the man behind a couple of the juiciest titles ever to grace Goldstar: Marry, F**K, or Kill and Women Are Crazy Because Men Are A**holes — both Goldstar fan-faves from L.A. to off-Broadway.

Brad T Gottfred

Writer-director (and sometimes actor) Brad T. Gottfred brings a feisty, thought-provoking and playful voice to almost every medium possible. He wrote and directed the films The Movie Hero (starring Jeremy Sisto) and Orgies and the Meaning of Life, created the web series Sex and Love Conspire to Destroy the World, and has written two young adult novels: Forever for a Year, released in 2015, and The Nerdy and The Dirty, coming out this November.

What inspired you to branch out from screenwriting into playwriting?
There’s no greater thrill than putting your characters and words in front of a live audience. You might even call it an addiction that’s hard to break.

Of all your work, what accomplishment are you proudest of?
I wrote and directed the play Women are Crazy Because Men Are A**holes, which has run in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago almost nonstop over the past five years. We started out at a 66-seat theater in Los Angeles in 2011 and kept moving up in size and prestige in theaters until we played at the legendary Cherry Lane Theatre in New York last summer.

What’s your next big goal?
London ;)

Have you ever improvised a creative solution that saved a project from failing?
Yes, we’ve been in seven theaters in four cities and each one requires us to rethink how to stage everything. Several times we’ve had to make what felt like dramatic choices for unique exits and entrances that later on proved fun for both the audience and the actors.

What types of live events do you go to most?
Despite being a playwright, I attend live sporting events the most. (Mostly NBA games.) I do see lots of local theater starring friends and actors that have branched out from my play.

How are you inspired by live entertainment?
There’s an energy in live entertainment that no advancement in technology will ever replace. It’s a shared dialogue between the audience and the actors, both giving and receiving, that will remain vital to the human experience until the end of time.

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