#LetsGoOut: Goldstar’s First Blind Date Setup

#Let'sGoOut Goldstar

Fact No. 1: Blind dates are almost always awkward.

Fact No. 2: Blind dates are significantly less awkward when you have a distraction (like, say, a live event).

Fact No. 3: Goldstar has tons of date-worthy live events happening every day.

Put all these facts together, and you’ve got the idea behind our #LetsGoOut initiative. That’s right, we’re setting the stage for romance by fixing up Goldstar members on blind dates and sending them to awesome live events.

Best case scenario: It’s a match and two strangers fall in love with live entertainment, and with each other. (Cue the “awwwws.”)

Worst case scenario: Two people fall in love with live entertainment, but not each other. (So, still better than the average night watching Netflix alone on the couch, right?)

Ready to see this month’s matchup?

Meet Michael and Jackie!
Michael and Jackie #Let'sGoOut

Michael is a 32-year-old from Los Angeles who loves running and wishes he could’ve seen Nirvana perform live.

Jackie is a 31-year-old from Hollywood who spends her weekends hiking and would’ve loved to see the Beatles during their heyday.

We sent them to the beautiful Pantages Theater in Hollywood to see 42nd Street, the Tony-winning, tap-dancing musical about a young chorus girl chasing her dream during the Depression.
42nd Street at the Pantages

Was it a match? Did they love the show? Would they recommend a #LetsGoOut blind date experience to a friend? You can find out all this and more by watching their video over on Goldstar’s Facebook page.

Are you interested in being set up on a #LetsGoOut date? Just fill out this quick form to tell us a little about yourself so we can set you up. Who knows, you might just meet your soul mate while catching a free show!