Perfect Places to Play Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go to Events

Obsessed with the new Pokémon Go game? Gotta catch ’em all? Then you’re in luck! These locales are sure to be filled with Pokémon — and you can enjoy a live event while you’re hunting. Good luck!

On the Water
Certain Pokémon only make an appearance near the water, so get off land and catch ’em on a boat tour.
Pokemon on the Water

At a Park
Pokémon can’t resist green grass and flowers. See an outdoor show or enjoy a festival outside.
Pokemon at the Park

At the Game
Sporting events are filled with Pokémon. Take a break from watching the game and grab a few.
Pokemon at the Game

On the Go
Wander the city and see where new Pokémon are lurking. A walking tour is the perfect way.
Pokemon on the Streets

Under the Stars
Certain Pokémon only make an appearance after dark. Find the perfect nighttime outdoor event.
Pokemon under the stars

On Campus
College kids aren’t the only ones at school — Pokémon like to make an appearance in class too! See a show on campus and look for Pokémon before and after.
Pokemon on Campus

At a Museum
It’s not just the exhibits you’ll want to check out, but the Pokémon too! Find museums that are perfect for playing.
Pokemon at the Museum

At an Amusement Park
It’s true, Pokémon love riding the rides and playing games too. Scout ’em out at the amusement park.
Amusement Park Pokemon

Parking Lots
Strange but true: Pokémon have often been found hiding in parking lots. So why not head to a festival or event and grab a Pokémon along the way.
Pokemon at events

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