Trapped! The Escape Room Craze

Hotel Escape

“We got out with only seconds to spare! My family did this (our second escape room ever) and we had a blast.” -Goldstar Member Review for The Virus-DTLA

Chances are you’ve heard of escape rooms. Maybe you’ve even played an escape game yourself. They’re perfect for a party of one (who knows who you’ll meet), a group of friends or with your co-workers to encourage teamwork.

If you haven’t heard of them, odds are good you will soon. They’re taking the planet by storm, with approximately 1,500 in the U.S. And that means there are tons of escape rooms to choose from — one for every type of adrenaline junkie, whether you’re interested in saving the world from a virus or escaping from the circus.

Here’s a look at some of the fun, freaky, fanciful options out there. But first, a quick rundown:

What they are, in a nutshell
Gather a group of friends, family or coworkers and pay about the price of a movie to be locked in a themed room (zombies, serial killers, insane asylum) from which you must escape. Together, you’ll find clues, solve puzzles and try to get out within the time limit, which is usually one hour.

Why you’d dare to go to one
It’s pretty much the only chance many of us will ever get to be the star of a heart-pounding action movie. And it’s a surprisingly great stress reliever. You can set aside your real-life problems and focus all your energy on the urgencies of a fantasy world.

Many people are drawn in by the teambuilding experience. Nothing bonds you to someone faster than being thrown into an unfamiliar situation and being forced to rely on each other for “survival," right? That’s why escape games are crazy popular for dates, birthday parties and corporate teambuilding.

Paradiso: The Escape Test

Big Business Breakout
New York City’s Paradiso: The Escape Test takes you into a world that’s not what it seems as you try to unlock the secrets of the Virgil Corporation and find your way out of their shadowy headquarters. The experience begins the moment you enter; you won’t know whom to trust. Make your way through a gripping, multilayered series of rooms, plots, puzzles and interactions before the clock runs out!

Crazy Artist's Workshop

Help Hurricane Harvey Recovery
You can help Houston’s Quest Shark Adventures recover from the damage of Hurricane Harvey. Buy tickets to Crazy Artist’s Workshop now that you can use anytime (when they reopen)! The adventure: Help find Salvador Dali’s most famous works — in particular, the Portrait of Gala, his beloved wife — in the painter’s studio. Do you and your team have what it takes to sift through the clues left by Dali and solve this daring art-house mystery?

Trapped in a Circus

Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My!
Everybody loves a trip to the circus — but those big-top attractions lose their luster when you’re not able to leave. In Trapped in the Circus in San Francisco, you and up to seven friends will enter a long-forgotten circus attraction called “Scholomo’s Spectacle,” where you’ll have to navigate riddles, puzzles and secret clues to try and find your way out again. And don’t drag your feet — if you don’t make it out in time, you’ll have to discover the gruesome truth about Scholomo’s ghost.

The Alchemist — A Magical Medieval Adventure
While exploring an ancient library, you discover a secret passage that leads you into the mysterious lab of an ancient alchemist. The door slams shut and locks behind you — now, with only an hour until the alchemist returns, you must uncover and unite the four lost elements to release the hidden power of the Philosopher’s Stone and escape the room. Escape Room L.A. offers more than 100 games each week, so be sure to check out more themes on their website.

Escape: A Rock & Roll Murder Mystery

Fill Up on Intrigue and Dinner
The Canyon Santa Clarita turns it up to 11 with Escape: A Rock & Roll Murder Mystery, an inventive mash-up of interactive dinner theater and an escape-room challenge, written by Dana Jeffery Morris, a manager at both The Saban and The Rose. The scene of the crime is a bar called Killer Shots, where four rock stars are competing for a high-powered record deal — until one of them is murdered and the club is locked down tight. It’s up to you and your fellow music fans to finger the killer and then crack the code to score your release. And since it’s almost impossible to solve mysteries on an empty stomach, you’ll also be treated to a full dinner.

Save the World
Welcome to Los Angeles in the not-so-distant future. A deadly virus has swept the earth and a team of scientists has burrowed deep into an underground laboratory to find a cure. As they search for an antidote and fight to save the world, each move becomes crucial — if they accidentally set off the computerized decontamination system, they might be smashed flat by the slowly constricting laboratory walls. The Virus utilizes digital technology and virtual reality from some of Hollywood’s top craftspeople to create a totally realistic experience, placing you deep within a thrilling science-fiction epic that you won’t soon forget.

Whatever your taste – scary, silly, sweet or suspenseful – there’s an escape room for you. Check out the escape room events we have in your area.