#LetsGoOut: Goldstar’s Latest Blind Date Setup

Let's Go Out Blind Date Video

Our mission to set the stage for romance continues, and the results of our latest #LetsGoOut date are here!

What’s #LetsGoOut? It’s our new initiative to match up live entertainment enthusiasts on blind dates and send them to a show. (Check out the video from our first set-up.)

Goldstar has tons of date-worthy events, and we love when people find love — or at least find a show they love — so it’s a perfect match.

Ready to see this month’s couple?

Meet Ross and Annalisa!

Ross and Annalisa Let's Go Out Blind Date

Ross is a 45-year-old from Los Angeles who wishes he could have seen Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, The Doors and The Who in an epic concert.

Annalisa is 39-year-old from Los Angeles who would have loved to see Freddie Mercury or Mozart in concert (maybe even together!).

We sent them to the Santa Anita racetrack for a day of sunshine, horses, music and beer.

Was it a match? Did they love the event? Would they recommend a #LetsGoOut blind date experience to a friend? Find out all this and more by watching their date video:

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