Film, TV and Video Game Composer Michael Gordon Shapiro Is Inspired By…

Michael Gordon Shapiro

Michael Gordon Shapiro jokes that he writes music for film, TV, and video games in order to finance his musical theater habit. He’s written a collection of award-winning short (10-15 minute) musicals called A Feast of Snacks — a collection he describes as “the dim sum of musical theater.” Here’s how live entertainment inspires Shapiro — and how a performance of The Nutcracker changed his approach to Facebook.

Tell us about what you do.
I’m a musical accessory to storytelling. I compose scores… Read More

Go Like a Pro to Music Festivals

music festivalsBottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival

Music festival season is here, and with it, countless options for every taste. (Including the kids!)

This April, head to the Big Easy for back-to-back weekends of New Orleans Jazz Fest, where you can see Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop Dogg, and tons more.

In May, spend four days in a Washington gorge with The Cure and Florence + the Machine at Sasquatch, a “trippy Washington wasteland.”

And in August, sail down water slides and… Read More

Lynda Carter, aka Wonder Woman, Has Coffee With Goldstar

Boys fell in love with her. Girls wanted to be her. Wonder Woman, the iconic female superhero whose red-white-and-blue bustier and hot pants screamed erotic and patriotic at the same time.

Lynda Carter

It was the late ‘70s, and Wonder Woman’s killer combination of strength, smarts and beauty made her an instant hit with adults and kids alike. And in the years since, the beloved show has continued in syndication all over the world.

Now, the woman who brought Wonder Woman to life — Lynda Carter — sits down… Read More

Trending: The Muddy Exhilaration of Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle Course Racing

A couple years ago on a whim, I responded to an acquaintance’s Facebook invite to join her team on some crazy worldwide scavenger hunt. The deadline to register was minutes away. I went to the website, understood nothing, and signed up immediately. Then I spent the next week doing absurd, terrifying things — singing to strangers on the subway, standing on a street corner in a tutu, mowing my lawn dressed as a geisha. This bonded me to my new friends in ways no ordinary experience could.

And… Read More

Filmmaker, Playwright & Novelist Brad T. Gottfred Is Inspired By…

It’s time to meet the man behind a couple of the juiciest titles ever to grace Goldstar: Marry, F**K, or Kill and Women Are Crazy Because Men Are A**holes — both Goldstar fan-faves from L.A. to off-Broadway.

Brad T Gottfred

Writer-director (and sometimes actor) Brad T. Gottfred brings a feisty, thought-provoking and playful voice to almost every medium possible. He wrote and directed the films The Movie Hero (starring Jeremy Sisto) and Orgies and the Meaning of Life, created the web series Sex and Love… Read More

Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win a Pair of Tickets for You & Your “Plus-One”


Let the lovers have their overpriced bouquets and heart-shaped chocolates (actually, we’ll take one of those salted caramels if you’re not eating it). This Valentine’s Day, we’re hijacking the annual celebration of love, commitment and fuzzy handcuffs to highlight one of the best parts of going out: sharing a new experience with your fave “plus-one.”

We’re calling it #LovePlusOne.

Whether they’re childhood friends or coworkers, family members or even frenemies, sharing a live event with someone… Read More

Coffee With Goldstar and Il Divo

Grab yourself a cappuccino and settle in for a cozy online chat with the four hunky members of operatic pop group Il Divo. The fun starts tomorrow at 4pm EST/1pm PST on Coffee With Goldstar. Ask Il Divo anything you want.
Il Divo
Not sure what to ask? Here are 10 fun facts about Il Divo to get your ideas brewing. (Pun intended.)

  • Il Divo is Italian for “Divine Male Performer” or “Male Diva.”
  • The group was created by American Idol judge Simon Cowell.
  • The members are from four different countries —… Read More

Skip the Super Bowl Party — Head to One of These Events Instead

Super Bowl 50

Not a Broncos or Panthers fan? Hate football altogether? There are plenty of things you can do this Sunday that don’t involve stuffing your face with seven-layer dip while you wait for the commercials (which you can catch later on YouTube anyway). If you’re looking for a football-free afternoon or evening, try one of these events …

In San Diego …
Realish Housewives of San Diego
Get your trashy TV fix at The Realish Housewives of San Diego.
If your TV at home is being monopolized by sports, this reality TV parody with plenty… Read More

Theater Truly Is for Everyone

Spring Awakening Tickets
(Broadway’s Spring Awakening, performed in spoken English and American Sign Language by Deaf West Theatre. Photo credit Joan Marcus.)

The anticipation as you wait for the curtain to rise. The wonder as a stage filled with dazzling sets transports you to another world. The goosebumps as soulful singing fills the auditorium. Live theater is a transformative experience — one we all deserve to enjoy.

But it can be intimidating planning a trip to the theater when you or your loved one has a… Read More

Lights, Camera … Passive! How to Turn This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Films Into Real-Life Adventures

Mad Max Meets Wasteland Weekend

1,049 minutes.

That’s how long it’d take you to watch all eight of this year’s Oscar-nominated films. And what would you have to show for it? Just a pocketful of ticket stubs and a serious vitamin D deficiency.

So this year, while others are sitting passively in their seats watching good-looking people pretend to be investigative journalists/19th-century survivalists/space explorers, why not experience the worlds conjured up by this year’s biggest movies for yourself? Here’s a handy guide to… Read More