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HPT 175: Heist, Heist, Baby! Tickets

HPT 175: Heist, Heist, Baby! Tickets
HPT 175: Heist, Heist, Baby!: What to expect - 1
HPT 175: Heist, Heist, Baby! Tickets

About HPT 175: Heist, Heist, Baby!

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals (HPT) is the oldest theater company in the country, comprised of 50 Harvard college undergraduates. Since 1844, HPT has produced an original, entirely student-written and composed, pun-filled musical extravaganza. This year HPT celebrates our 175th anniversary with our show: Heist, Heist, Baby!

Synopsis: In 1990 Manhattan, the elite converges at a gala in the Upper West Side's largest museum. RITA L'BOUTETTE, a once-promising investigative reporter now relegated to a teen tabloid, aims to interview heartthrob HOLDEN OUTHOPEFORYOU-GIRL. Fate intervenes as her old flame, art critic ALEC ZIS, oversees an exhibit honoring celebrity artist Spanksy, and a priceless painting is stolen. With the museum on lockdown, Rita is thrust back into her investigative role. This isn’t your grandma’s whodunnit! Rita’s detecting goes awry as guests' secret ambitions emerge. Can EILEEN ONYOUFINANCIALLY transcend the role of CASSIUS WHATIMAFTER's wife? How far will paleontologist ARTHUR BONESBURRIEDHERE go for redemption? Can ghost queen HELGA TBORING find posthumous meaning? The link between an escape artist and an MI6 agent baffles MR. E. GUEST and MAYA LITTLE-EYE. Is the bearded 2nd grader, ELI ZABOUT-HISAGE, shady? Amid magic, mayhem, and malintent, Rita grapples with self-belief. Don't miss the 175th musical comedy, "Heist, Heist, Baby!" at Farkas Hall this spring.

Run time

2h (incl. intermission)

Start date

February 4th, 2024

End date

March 3rd, 2024



Farkas Hall

12 Holyoke St, Cambridge, MA , US, 02138


Unfortunately, tickets for this event are no longer available.