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The Antelope Party Tickets

The Antelope Party Tickets
The Antelope Party: What to expect - 1
The Antelope Party Tickets

About The Antelope Party

A timely new comedy that explores how the currents of history, normalization, and fear can sweep up even the most generous Bronies.

"Meyer’s subtly chilling comedy...about a group of lonely outcasts reminds us that acceptance and community can indeed be magical ⁠—⁠ but sometimes magic can be dark." - TimeOut New York

Equestria is a land of of magic and friendship. Every Tuesday night, Ben hosts “The Rust Belt Ponies Meet-Up Group for Adult Fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” in his apartment in rural Pennsylvania. Sharing fun with these friends is a wonderful place to be. After all, nothing bad can happen in Equestria … But when an ominous neighborhood watch brigade starts patrolling the streets, fear and paranoia creep into the circle of friendship. The outside world is turning more violent and authoritarian, and it is sucking our heroes into an entirely different story.

Run time

2h (with one intermission)

Start date

February 23rd, 2024

End date

March 17th, 2024




Apollinaire Theatre Company at Chelsea Theatre Works

189 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA, US, 02150

Show schedule

Day of weekMatineeEvening
Friday-8:00 PM
Saturday-8:00 PM
Sunday3:00 PM-

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of The Antelope Party?

The Antelope Party is 2h (with one intermission).

Where is The Antelope Party?

Apollinaire Theatre Company at Chelsea Theatre Works.

What's the price for The Antelope Party tickets?

The price for tickets to The Antelope Party starts at $15.

How do you buy tickets for The Antelope Party?

Buy tickets today on Goldstar. Check availability, pricing and more.