Henok Negash: "Meant to Be"
Henok Negash: "Meant to Be" Tickets

Henok Negash: "Meant to Be" Tickets

Chicago Magic Lounge, Chicago
Jul 5, 2023 - Sep 27, 2023

About Henok Negash: "Meant to Be"

Mystery does not stand alone; it comes with a qualifier. There are magical entertainers who highlight a perfect mystery, a powerful mystery, a comedic mystery, or a meaningful mystery. Henok Negash specializes in offering a personalized mystery; meaning that he is not looking for perfection but rather connection. While most of us do our best to manage the outcomes of our lives, there are many instances in life which are beyond our control. Unplanned chance encounters, and events that cannot be predicted. In his show, Meant to Be, Henok will take you on a journey highlighting those instances which cannot be explained and leave you with the feeling of magic. Illusions that highlight dating, marriage, trust, and the like will be explored in this 75-minute show. Be a part of this interactive magical event.


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