My Whorizontal Life
My Whorizontal Life Tickets

My Whorizontal Life Tickets

Greenhouse Theater Center, Chicago
Sep 21, 2023 - Sep 22, 2023

About My Whorizontal Life

What's in a Name? ...Sephe Haven? ...Isadora O'Boto? As an escort, I was Natasha and Gwen. Natalie, Delilah, and Sasha. And Scarlett. Names kept me safe. As a writer, I am Sephe Haven. I write books and have written this play - the true story of the real life of an escort. As an actress, a woman, I am Isadora O’Boto. When I graduated from The Juilliard School with a degree in acting I was told, conclusively, there was no place in the world of Acting for someone who looked like me. What do you do with a calling you’re not allowed to express? It has taken decades to find the bravery to emerge from the shadows. Take my hand and let me lead you into the secret underground world of My Whorizontal Life: A universal story about the search for love, the need for art, finding the strength to look past the surface to where hope exists. And creating your own miracles.