FreakShow & Tell
FreakShow & Tell Tickets

FreakShow & Tell Tickets

Sideshow Gelato, Chicago
Nov 18, 2023 - Mar 30, 2024

About FreakShow & Tell

Learn the science behind the sideshow. Sideshow performer Thom Britton created a stage show to answer the barrage of questions he regularly received before, during, and after his performances. People wanted to know how he could possibly eat fire or drive a nail into his head or why he'd want to walk on broken glass or stand on an electrified plate. Thus was born "FreakShow & Tell," an hour and fifteen-minute long stage show that fuses science, history, anatomy, physics, and a whole slew of others with genuine sideshow acts such as The Electric Man, Fire Eating and Glass Walking, amongst other things. The show is funny, poignant, entertaining, fast-paced, and 100% science!


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