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The Goldstar affiliates program lets your audience enjoy deals to more than 180,000 live events annually. Interested in teaming up? If you operate a website, Facebook page or mobile app, apply below.

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Goldstar has the best inventory of ticket deals and thus has become a great complement to our theatre resource offerings. The tools and technical capabilities they provide allow for high conversions and have led to a very successful partnership for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the payout for Goldstar affiliates?
Goldstar’s standard payout is a 50% revenue share on the Goldstar service fees and or commission fees associated with ticket purchases through your affiliate tracking links. An additional CPA (Cost Per Action) payout for new Goldstar member sign ups may also be available for select affiliates. If you’re interested in this, email us at for more details.
How much will I make?
That depends primarily on the volume of traffic you generate to Goldstar’s event pages through your tracking links and how highly qualified that traffic is. The more event description you provide to your users before they click over to the Goldstar site for ticket purchase, the more qualified that traffic will be, which often means higher conversion rates.
How are ticket prices determined?
Ticket prices are set by our event organizers and are consistent across our site and our affiliates network. Affiliates cannot markup our ticket prices or add additional fees.
Is there any exclusivity?
No, our job is to help our event organizers sell tickets, so we don’t allocate inventory to any specific partner(s).
How long are tickets available for specific shows?
That depends on the size of the venue, when tickets go on sale and the ticket allocation provided to Goldstar. Since we work directly with event organizers, we can often get additional inventory if an event sells out on Goldstar.
Is there a contract period?
No, affiliates are free to stop working with Goldstar at any time. We’re confident you’ll stay in the program though because it’s easy and financially rewarding.
Do I have to promote specific events to my audience or a minimum number of events?
For the most part, feel free to promote events that would be of interest to your audience. Events includes all in-person and Online and At Home listings found on Note, some events are ineligible due to Organizer restrictions.
How do I promote Goldstar events to my users?
Because most Goldstar event tickets are sold at a discount to the face value of the ticket, it’s best to identify those events as “Special Offers,” “Ticket Deals” or “Discount Tickets.” The more event information that can be provided for each event, the better. At minimum, the event title, date(s), location, full price and discount price (the Goldstar price) should be displayed for each event.
What are the best marketing channels for Goldstar events?
Email tends to have the highest conversion rate, followed by website traffic. Social channels like Facebook often generate high traffic but generally lower conversion rates.

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