We Power the Biggest Brands With Live Event Tickets. Want In?

We have what your live event-loving audience wants and can help you access it.

  • We work directly with 4,000 ticket organizers in 26 metros
  • We help people discover and go to over 20,000 events a year
  • We have real-time API integrations with leading ticketing platforms
  • We have very flexible transactional APIs
  • We also offer linkout conversion experiences

How We Work With Our Partners

Organizer Partners:

Goldstar is the only platform with direct API partnerships with over 10 ticketing systems including Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, AXS, Tickets.com, TicketFly Telecharge, Tessitura and more.

Our platform handles more than seven different types of ticket fulfillment strategies from physical, postal-delivered tickets to instant, e-ticket in-app delivery.

Organizers use our platform to instantly reach over seven million live entertainment goers. We offer them a truly on-demand audience.

Distribution Partners:

We power some of the biggest brands with direct transaction API ticket sales and fulfillment.

We supply partners with industry-leading seating charts and event metadata.

We have flexible solutions including transactional APIs as well as linkout conversion experiences.

We use Open Source libraries to cut down on development time and implementation difficulty.

Interested in learning more?

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Want More Information?

If you'd like to learn more about our transactional APIs, email us for additional information. If you'd like to get started as a linkout affiliate, you can find more information on our Affiliate Program page.

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