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How We Build Audiences

Remove Barriers

We make events accessible and exciting to wide audiences, and tickets affordable enough that there’s no risk to trying something new. Our thousands of event reviews and tips also help members feel confident in their decisions, and our customer service team backs that up by answering questions in a jiff.


Most of our visits come from mobile devices. Our members are on the go, so we’re on the go with them. Our app and responsive site put our entire experience in their pocket. They can browse listings, read reviews, buy tickets, and so much more - all while going about their daily lives.

Personalized Experience

Our technology fuels discovery. By tracking people’s buying and viewing patterns, our system positions events to be seen first by those most likely to buy. Every time someone looks at your event, attends it, reviews it, Stars it, or interacts with it in any way, it gives your event more recommendation and discovery power.

Emails & Promotions

We build excitement about your event in personalized emails that feature nothing but live entertainment offers. And to keep events fresh and relevant, we’re constantly packaging them in new ways. We do seasonal promotions (Holiday Events, Summertime Fun, etc.) and themed promotions of all kinds, from festivals to cruises to family events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list with Goldstar?
There's no up-front cost to working with us. We take a 10% commission on tickets sold.
When will I be paid?
Twice a month -- around the 1st and the 15th. We'll send you a check in the mail for tickets purchased, minus the 10% commission.
Can I list at a smaller discount than 50% off?
Generally not. Our goal is to make you the most money possible and send you the most people we can. We've found that 50% is the optimal price point, and if we reduce it, you'll get fewer people in the venue and make less money.
Is Goldstar there to liquidate last-minute inventory?
No. Though we can certainly help fill seats at the last minute, that’s not what our business is about. We’re about long-term growth rather than short-term liquidation. Our most successful partners make us a part of their sales and marketing plan right from the start, listing special price points early in the run to pack the house, which generates reviews, which spurs sales. From there, we have all kinds of tools in our arsenal to keep the momentum going.
How long does it take for my event to go live on the site?
New event listings are prioritized based on audience demand. For extremely desirable listings, we can have them on sale within hours. The majority of events are on sale within 2-3 days. In that time, our writers and designers create an original listing that's fun, conversational and specially targeted to our audience.
Will listing with you cannibalize my full-price ticket sales?
No. Most of the audience members we send your way are discovering your event for the first time. A majority of our members come to us without a specific event in mind; they want ideas for fun things to do.
Will our loyal patrons be unhappy about the prices being offered to Goldstar members?
No, your loyal patrons have a different kind of relationship with you. They already love what you’re doing and are looking to enrich their experience with better seats, season passes and other refinements. Our members are still getting to know you, and the attractive price point helps get them in the door. Once they’re there, we hope they’ll soon become your loyal patrons.
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