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Who We Are

At Goldstar, we love live entertainment and are dedicated to helping our seven million members grow their own love of entertainment too. How do we do it? By partnering with live event providers across the U.S. to bring our members access to the best shows in the country.

These partnerships allow our members to discover new things to do in their city and makes it easier and more affordable for them to buy tickets. It also allows live event providers to reach a huge and enthusiastic new audience.

Most of our members are trying out an event or venue for the first time when they buy tickets from us and in many cases they’re filling seats that would have otherwise gone unsold. By promoting key dates and offers to our members in advance on our website, in our app and through our emails, partners fill seats AND build valuable new relationships with people who love live entertainment and want to experience it more and more. We think it's a classic win-win-win scenario.

We help our seven million members grow their love of live entertainment.

What Our Partners Say

Goldstar has focused and targeted buyers who actively want to attend live events at the right price. The marketing spent to capture this income is zero. In my mind, it is a more prudent way to market and sell tickets rather than utilizing the old-school model of buying TV/radio/print.

Eric HerzLive Nation Buyer

Goldstar is a class act. I find them to be professional and extremely organized.

Jay BeeryTicketing Manager, Broadway Across America

Goldstar is a powerful and flexible marketing tool. There is no question that by using Goldstar strategically, a promoter is able to leverage a general marketing campaign, reach new customers and sell more tickets. It's a win-win for everybody.

Allan R. GlennonProducer/Promoter, Washington, DC

The quality of Goldstar's marketing, the size of its audience base and the passion of its fans make them a go-to source for finding patrons with an affinity for live events.

Liza LorenzDirector of Communications and Marketing, Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C.

We utilize Goldstar every chance we get! From general listings to special marketing & sales opportunities like Cyber Monday, Goldstar outperforms most of our other ticket partners. The Goldstar team is on the ball and responsive to our every need ... a pleasure to work with and a true sales and marketing partner.

Kirstin BealDirector of Sales, Blue Man Group, Boston

Goldstar is a great partner to work with and an essential part of our marketing plan.

Angus WatsonDirector of Ticketing Operations, Ravinia, Chicago

Goldstar's value as a member of our audience development team is practically inestimable, not just in terms of tickets and dollars, but also as a means of making the magic of live theater available to many who would otherwise be unable to afford it. ... For theaters and theater-goers alike, Goldstar is a goldmine.

David EngelmannHead of Treasurer, American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) Box Office, San Francisco