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It wasn't exactly what I expected but I did enjoy it. Being that I'm from the Backstreet Boys era I was excited to see Aaron Carter but I must say that you can see the effect drugs have had on him and his voice was really not great. The theater is...continued

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longest running play on Broadway, a cute love story that seems tame and faded in comparison to today's dazzling hits. the music is still fresh and sophisticated at times. the stage was way too small for the actors who had to jump over props which...continued

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Joe Ramirez
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Loved the musical! was given front row center seats by the aisle and it mad efor an even better experience as the actors constantly interacted with the front row. Great acting, great music. and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Afterwards...continued

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Review from tazener
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Small theater - intimate experience

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Review from LD
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The Fantasticks opened in 1960. Nothing lasts that long if its not meaningful and entertaining and the Fantasticks is both. Our eight-year-old granddaughter was enthralled and who does not get a tear or two when "Try to Remember" is performed?

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Absolutely fun, a great time. Intimate setting but don't be fooled: what you're getting is no small-town show, it's big Off-Broadway talent in a minimalist show at a big-shot location. And getting so close that you can see the actors sweat from...continued

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boring.- dont waste your $$

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Ava Kahn
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Had a great time. Good show and cast. There were very few people there, that was too bad. How long will it survive?

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May Sarti
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I saw this classic play many years ago. It is still fun, a kind of fairy tale with good musical. Cast was good. The theater is small, and at the Wed matinee was less than half full. I felt bad for the actors.

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Review from Furnomenal
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It was a pleasant enough show although it certainly looks like the 50 year old show that it is. If you don't like cute romeo and juliet-type romances, skip this. Intimate theater, strong cast, slapstick moments are the highlights. Music is not...continued

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Christina Jolie Breza
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It was such a great way to celebrate my birthday!!!! Great fun, great cast and fantastick music!!! I loved the intimate space! It was fantastick!!!! Thank you

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Review from EDHCPA
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Lousy, acting, lousy jokes, lousy singing, just plain lousy. It was so bad and so out dated that I fell asleep.

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Review from TriggerR
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Sat center first row. Cast was talented.. This was, at least, the sixth time I've seen this play over the last 50 years and this production was deliteful.

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Review from sjtmd
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Small theater (really a large room w/ seats), talented cast. The play left me asking the question - why has this thing hung around for so long? Music, save for The Kind of September was okay. The plot, uncomfortable at times. The actors do the...continued

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Sweet and timeless show, terric cast intimate setting and many funny moments.I reccomend it highly.Really should see it would go again and take a friend

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Review from little_red
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The men were leading this show, & not just in the 5:1 ratio. Beautiful score, severely talented cast, and beautiful on top of it all!! A gorgeous, moving show for the ages. You will not regret this evening at the theatre.

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The theatre is small and our seats were not the best but the show itself was good. The actors were just sucked that we were all the way to the left side of the theatre so it felt like we missed seeing a lot of the show. fun musical!

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Kara H
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Had seen it before and brought friends to see how fantastic The Fantasticks still is!

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I was surprised how small the theater was. So small, the actors didn't need a mic to be heard. But this was a good thing; not a bad seat in the house and its not often you can be this close up to the action. It was very utilitarian, like no...continued

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Ron Capozzoli
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Show was entertaining leads were not as strong as I thought they would be. Seats were not the best since I joined Red Velvet I thought I'd get better seats but these where the only bad seats we received from all my goldstar experiences.

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