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Florence Peters
Review from Florence Peters
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Review from Ruby
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My boyfriend & I had an awesome time. Food was great, our waiter was very attentive. I only have one concern. When boarding the boat we were taken a picture of with the option to purchase as a memoir. It was not FREE. We left it on the boat. I...continued

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My co-workers and I had a terrific time .the people were very friendly.the food was good.the music was wonderful . They couldn't stop thanking me for a wonderful night.

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Review from mis9034
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My husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on this cruise and we had a great romantic evening. The staff was great and welcoming. The food was good except for the mashed potatoes(too salty). I already recommended it to a couple of my...continued

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Review from alice
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My husband and I went on this cruise yesterday and thought it was great! We like to go dancing, but are too old for the club scene and have been looking for a nice alternative. Thought this was fantastic. Great views of the NYC skyline, pretty...continued

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My husband and I had a wonderful time. A nice romantic table for two(2).. I even got him to learn a line dance(LOL). Great food, great music and having a wonderful evening just my husband and I PRICELESS!!!!!

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Review from Bachata13
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The boat ride was very pleasant. You get a chance to see Statue Of Liberty & The Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges. You can sit inside or view the sites from different decks. The staff -DJ food servers & other crew members were courteous & attentive....continued

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The cruise was great. The food was awesome. I’m a teacher from the Midwest- who lives in New York City every summer. For the past two summers I’ve taken my mom and sister on this cruise. Out of town guest LOVE this night out. Also – it’s a...continued

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Review from Varlese
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The food was great. Music was good and the staff was very nice and friendly. We departed and arrived on time. This is great for a family event or even a girls night out!

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Patricia Todisco
Review from Patricia Todisco
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This was not my first time on Spirit Cruises. As usual, my party and I had a great time. The boat is clean and beautiful. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The DJ is fun, and the live entertainment is great. The food was delicious. And you...continued

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Review from Marty
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We had a fabulous time and would recommend this to everyone of all ages!

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Review from NHUNGA
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We were a group of 8. We did have a good time.
Food was good and right for the price. The view was priceless. so beautiful! The ship exterior was very nice, however the interior need some work, very plain
One of my friend got sea sick. So if...continued

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Review from cdr1973
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Well, first off, I'm glad that we made it!! We got caught in traffice and didn't arrive there until approximately 7:10pm! I swore that we were left behind, but thankfully, the ship was still there, and they waited for us! So for that alone, I'm...continued

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Wow !!!!! fantastic amazing I recommend everyone to have this experience. Thank you so much GOLDSTAR!!!!.

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A Great time of dining and dancing!! Excellent view of city lights!

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Review from belcherman
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A previous reviewer who described the buffet cruise as wedding food with wedding music was on the money. That being said, it was still a good time. The food was good, not great, but good,and the music added merriment to the festivities. The real...continued

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Review from Eftimiades
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Can't beat the ambiance. Plenty of room over three levels, with an abundance of outdoor chairs, tables, and couches. My third trip with Spirit, looking forward to the fourth.

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Daphnee Eugene
Review from Daphnee Eugene
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didn't get to enjoy the experience. the boat left us, I spoke to someone who told me I was going to be credited for missing the boat. 3 weeks pass never received an email or phone call regarding my credit. 2 month pass and still no money. I lost...continued

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Deborah Nitzberg
Review from Deborah Nitzberg
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Dinner was lovely and the view even better. I brought my husband for his birthday and we got to have a slow dance under the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a magical night!

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