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Review from Vee Amber
Red Velvet 69 events 5 reviews

This was sooo much fun and was sooo cute. Took my girlfriend and we were little kids again.
It was a very interactive show. We had a good time!

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Review from CecilyGibbs
Red Velvet 10 events 4 reviews

I have to say I was surprised by the show. The set was great and the warm up each pirate's section was great. But i was a little confused when the show started and it was for the most part a musical. Great acrobatics by the Gypsy girl but really...continued

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Review from Tom Greene
Red Velvet 15 events 3 reviews

Everything was fine.

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Review from Kerry Palmer Drake
Red Velvet 14 events 3 reviews

My 8- and 10-year-old sons and their friends LOVED the swashbuckling action! That said, most of the actors seem pretty bored with their roles, funny as McGee is (understandable; the show is the same one they've run for at least five years). Food...continued

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Review from hipsteraj
Red Velvet 7 events 1 review

I love coming to the pirates dinner and medieval time only if goldstar would post more of them that would be wonderful.

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Review from Evelyn
231 events 48 reviews

1. I love the price which I paid for this event.
2. I was totally impressed with the waiters/waitresses in regard to their efficiency as well as ability to decorate the dessert at the end. They were friendly and quick to bring you food. They were...continued

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Review from Nadine Tull
185 events 47 reviews

Fun Fun if you embrace the event for the cheesy entertainment it is! Well worth the goldstar price. For additional fun, stop by a teacher supply wearhouse somewhere and pick up pirate gear before the event! Our group of 20 donned plastic flags and...continued

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Review from Nadine Tull
185 events 47 reviews

super cheesy, but a great time all the same! you get from it what you put into it! yes, drinks are expensive, so if you're on a budget, get a shot or 2 of "groll" for $3--believe me, it does the trick. plus, 2 glasses of beer or wine are included...continued

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Review from Charrise
66 events 42 reviews

Overall, it was ok. The performers work very hard in the pre-show and performance. When they say to arrive 90 minutes earlier, it is a commercial ploy to get you to buy souvenirs for the family and drinks for the adults. Everyone has to take a...continued

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Review from Javier D.
68 events 38 reviews

Great show. Keeps you entertained the entire time. A couple of times they were all yelling at once and that was a bit crazy and loud, but otherwise just great. If your a kid at heart you'l love it

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Review from Daniel N.
145 events 37 reviews

This is for the family but certainly not somewhere to take a date. The food was non stop from the appetizers before the show to the main course and the soft drinks were plentiful (Nice if we had a roll with our salad in the future) Service was...continued

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Review from JonnieOwens1
105 events 35 reviews

It's not really my type of event, but the children in our party liked it. It wasn't great even for them. They suggest getting there 90 minutes early, but basically what that allows is for you to buy overpriced drinks in the bar which I think is...continued

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Review from james
66 events 34 reviews

The Pirate's Show was ok. It is very good with kids because there is a chance for interaction, but overall it was ok.

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Review from George Robins
53 events 29 reviews

The audience participation was a kick, more people than we expected, lots more patrons in costume than anticipated... the food was simple as expected.. the show was much better than expected. It was fun.

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Review from sammiesmykat
50 events 28 reviews

The show was great and the staff was wonderful. I was there on crutches and they brought me in early so it would be eaiser for me to get seated with my party. The cast was wonderful and very funny working off what the audience gave them and the...continued

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Review from Margaret Gochez
44 events 27 reviews

Going on a Thursday was a good day because it was not crowded. They have the same concept as Medievil Times. You sit around a stage set as sail boat while you eat. The show was ok. A little corny at times, the food was lousy, dry,over condimented,...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
32 events 26 reviews

service very good, food plenty and well cooked show better than several years ago seating very good was in section 6 yellow pirate easy to get in and out even though food cart right behind us. show not much happens at the start birthday greetings...continued

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Review from popom
72 events 25 reviews

Food worse than Medieval times; show was better, more interactive, and longer. Plot made no damn sense, and so what. Stage was gorgeous, and performers were quite capable.

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Review from Mary Bodily
40 events 23 reviews

I purchased this as a birthday gift. They had a wonderful time said the food was really good. They talked about the show and had a good time so I was pleased I could make a birthday gift fun for the money.

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Review from Desiré
55 events 23 reviews

I went to this event with a large group back in 2006. We all got into the pirate spirit and had a blast. The food was good and the show was entertaining.

I also purchased these tickets for my father and his wife as a Christmas present. They...continued

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