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Review from Ja'Nelle_LB
12 events 3 reviews

Attended this event with one of my best friends - both of us are Jamaican-American - and we LOVED this! Ms. Debra gave a genuine, heartfelt, and beautiful performance that everyone can relate to on some level.

And it doesn't hurt that there were...continued

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Review from Giselle
5 events 3 reviews

Debbie is an amazing story teller. With few props and little to rely on other than her voice, she weaves a rivetting and compelling tale of her life and her 20 exodus from Jamaica. I found myself forgetting to breathe I was so involved in the...continued

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Geri Ingle Harvey
Review from Geri Ingle Harvey
3 events 3 reviews

Debra Ehrhardt is awesome & her story is even better. This should be made into a movie. It has all the ingredients for a perfect recipe for "Broadway". I wish her all the best & I've seen it 5 times now & laugh every time. It's a must see. "Life...continued

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Lynne Moses
Review from Lynne Moses
6 events 3 reviews

Debra Ehrhardt provided an astonishing adventure story of danger and dreams in this fabulous 85 minute play. Through the magic of her character creations; the spare, but effective direction of Joel Zwick; and the pitch perfect music and sound by...continued

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Review from Raylene
32 events 3 reviews

Debra Ehrhardt is captivating, and delivers a performance that holds you from beginning to end. I loved it!

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Review from Ben-Meir
32 events 3 reviews

Earhart is a multi-talented performer with a compelling tale to tell. This one -woman show has it all: humor, pathos, and intelligence.

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Review from lonnie
9 events 3 reviews

Excellent show!!! Highly recommended! I was impressed, entertained, and inspired!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
32 events 3 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the play. Ms. Earhardt (sp??) was fantastic. One of my friends was amazed at the fact that she remembered all those lines. The story was intriguing. I could especially relate because I grew up in Central America, and could...continued

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MaryLouise Patterson
Review from MaryLouise Patterson
8 events 3 reviews

I would have given it 3.5 stars had that been possible. The play is too long: the beginning too slow and the end too "Perils of Pauline" exaggerated and predictable. I thought bringing her "American" son on stage to sing "Day O" as if she needed...continued

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Review from Nic
3 events 3 reviews

Jamaica, Farewell is an amazing, wonderful, true story. You will laugh, cry and be on the edge of you seat as the actor takes you on this journey. Totally entertaining.

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Review from janie3210
14 events 3 reviews

Jamaica, Farewell was an unbelievably amazing story and act!
Debra Ehrhardt is the definition of a true talent. Not only was her story an excellent, inspiring, intriguing one, her ability to paint vivid pictures through words and emotion, my...continued

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Review from Cesulli
14 events 3 reviews

My family attended Jamaica Farewell and loved it! Very well done. A true artist that captured the audience from start to finish. The colorful portrayal was as if you were in Jamica living throught the story. The 85mins zoomed by. WELL DONE!!!

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Lois Rozet
Review from Lois Rozet
4 events 3 reviews

My second time! I just had to share this with a friend. Loved it just as much as the first time. The suspense punctuated with comic relief hits all the right notes and in the end you'll cheer for this gutsy, intrepid heroine and her wild ride...continued

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Review from K
54 events 3 reviews

Outstanding performance as Ehrhardt exudes energetic passion on a captivating journey from the beginning to the end, full of humor on a dangerous adventure from Kingston to Miami.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 3 reviews

She knocked it out of the park! Wow! One of the best theatrical experiences I've ever had. You must see Jamaica Farewell before it closes!!!

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Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 3 reviews

Such a great show! There were six of us in our family attending - various ages - and everyone found it to be amazing. You pictured every scene that was being portrayed vividly in your mind. Fantastic show!

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Gemma Palmer
Review from Gemma Palmer
11 events 3 reviews

This was one of the plays that I have enjoyed the most. The acting was superb as every character portrayed became "the real person" and the viewer becomes absorbed by the character, yet not forgetting that they are all played by one remarkable...continued

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Janet Castillo
Review from Janet Castillo
9 events 3 reviews

Wonderful,exciting and fun. Rooting for her to get to America. She was a wonderful story teller and what a wonderful story she had to tell. Great performance. Everyone young and old should go see this one woman show!!!

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Monroe Friedman
Review from Monroe Friedman
8 events 2 reviews

A delightful evening with a very special performer

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Review from Chrl
2 events 2 reviews

A fabulous performance by a talented and beautiful actress and playwright. Any immigrant can relate to the longing to go to America, the frustrations and the subsequent risks people sometimes desperately undertake. Debra expresses all of this in...continued

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