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Review from Love to Fish!
19 events 15 reviews

It was a fun and beautiful experience being out on the water. The weather and surf conditions were perfect to allow for a smooth ride and entrance to the caves. The SanDiego Bike and Kayak Tours staff inside the shop were helpful and friendly and...continued

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Review from Tinny Abogado
26 events 15 reviews

It was great, but the waves were too big, so we couldn't get near the caves. If you don't have a waterproof case for your camera or phone, it's best to rent theirs. Their website is misleading. It gave me the impression that their staff would be...continued

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Review from anifun
23 events 14 reviews

Great company. Excellent guide. My group is ready to do this again!

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Review from gkornacki
22 events 14 reviews

It's wasn't what I expected, but it was still fun. There are no trips through caves like I thought. Nice people and La Jolla has some nice restaurants. If leaving from LA make sure you give yourself plenty of time. The traffic getting there was...continued

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Review from Melissa
19 events 14 reviews

This is my second time participating in a kayak tour at San Diego Bike and Kayak. My first experience was not a pleasurable one, but I'm glad I gave it a second chance! I had a friend visiting from Virginia so I wanted them to experience the...continued

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Review from Cynthia M.
26 events 13 reviews

Thought it was going to be 2 hours. Only lasted 1 1/2....

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Review from Sherry Domerego
44 events 13 reviews

We did not get to see any caves as the water was extremely choppy.
It was fun for the most part. However, due to the choppiness of the ocean and the fact that we sat around a lot without going anywhere, I got very seasick. It made for an...continued

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Review from Sunny
15 events 12 reviews

Fun. Enjoyed the close-up view of a group of sea lions.

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Review from Diane
19 events 12 reviews

Great guides; well organized; very small quarters for getting in and out and dressing; a fun trip. We have recommended it to friends.

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Review from Wickedvic
138 events 12 reviews

Highly recommended, a very fun morning! Our guide was very pleasant, knowlegeable and informative. I would go again in a heartbeat!

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Review from Goldstar Member
36 events 12 reviews

It was my first time Kayaking, and for being the first time it was great, my fiancee has kayak before, so for him it was a bit slow. Yet overall we had a great time. Great for kids as well.

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Review from Valerie Maldonado
17 events 12 reviews

Super fun! We went for my boyfriend's birthday. I was worried because I've never kayaked before and I'm not in the best of physical condition (though he is. We are both 50ish) This tour had something for everyone from young 20's to 60's! The...continued

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Review from Jotina
20 events 12 reviews

the actual tour was great! The actual kayak experience was great! The lack of organization was horrible! Hurry up, check in get your stuff...where ? what ? who? payment for a locker? what I have no cash, I am going to get wet and you think I...continued

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Review from Love you to death
30 events 11 reviews

As a whole it was fun. I rode on the double kayak with my boyfriend and no more than 5 minutes after being in the ocean, an elderly couple bumped into our kayak and our kayak flipped over! Honestly, that was the most exciting part of the trip....continued

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Review from Adabelle L.
47 events 11 reviews

I had never been kayaking before and this was a great tour to take as a first timer! I definitely enjoyed it even though we didn't get to see much out in the ocean. We saw one or two seals in the water and did not go into any caves but it was fun...continued

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Review from Lisa Galvan
77 events 11 reviews

Upon arriving to check in the staff was great got us outfitted with Kayaking gear...The staff at the beach that lauched us was great. Out tour guide Tim was outstanding..I had my 10 yr and 11 yr old daughters who could not stop talking about thier...continued

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Review from O of San Pedro CA
41 events 10 reviews

I truly enjoyed our Kayak trip. Lots of work, I have to admit but truly a FUN time! I will definitely come back!

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Review from caron
21 events 10 reviews

It was a fun trip for me as a local, as well as my out-of-town friend. The guide was very knowledgeable and it was just nice to get out on the water and see La Jolla from a different perspective.

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Review from Tamera Hanna
17 events 9 reviews

Found this Goldstar deal when setting up a trip to San Diego. I went with my husband and we had a great time (aside from the initial bickering while we were trying to get each other's paddling rhythm and style). The staff was enthusiastic and...continued

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Review from Mansi Agarwal Bandarupalli
37 events 9 reviews

Fun tour! The 9am tour was perfect and the water was completely calm. You have a chance to kayak inside only one cave for a very short time - the remaining duration is all outside of the caves, just FYI. Regardless, it's a very interesting and...continued

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