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4.7 / 5 Rated by 222 members
Review from Katryna Kvetka
59 events 17 reviews

The tour was awesome! The theater itself is such a beauty, a symbol of this city. It was amazing to see it from the scene as if I were one of the performers, sit in the room where Sinatra used to prepare himself for the show. Great tour guide -...continued

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Review from gabe Kalchbrenner
33 events 16 reviews

we loved the tour.!!! we live here & were in the company of out of towners we were so delighted at our guide and how knowledgeable she was and held our interest the whole tour. This is a must do!!! It is a beautiful theater with so much...continued

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Review from Dee
24 events 13 reviews

I had a wonderful tour. The guide was very knowledgeable, made it interesting and fun. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in the history of the theater.

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Review from MAUI GIRL CHGO
19 events 13 reviews

What a fun and interesting tour for both Chicago residents and tourists alike. I have been at the Chicago Theater for films in the 70's and for many stage shows and concerts in past years. I will never look at the theater the same after this...continued

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Review from bella
33 events 12 reviews

The Legendary Chicago Theatre
Marguee Tour is very good.
We enjoyed it very much.
Hillary was our guide. She was great.

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Review from Barbara Spikings
14 events 10 reviews

I have lived all my life in Chicago or suburbs and have attended performances at the theater,yet knew little about the interesting history of it. My friends and I enjoyed the tour and felt it was a good value and great way to be downtown, yet...continued

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Review from BOB
25 events 10 reviews

Lots of Chicago history, to go along with the theater info. The tour guide was very friendly and really did a great job. The old pictures helped you to see things the way they were way back when movies first started.

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Review from Ginny Mahal
12 events 10 reviews

The tour was great. Our guide, Hilary, was knowledgable, personable and very interesting. I enjoyed learning the building' s history.

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Review from Marcy L Dudas
15 events 10 reviews

Tour was very informative and fun. Great seeing the backstage area and listening to Derrick, our guide, tell us about the history of the building.

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Review from Dennis Sullivan
25 events 9 reviews

Beautiful venue, informative and engaging guide. Tour lasts a little more than an hour and is well worth it.

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Review from Jason M. Hammond
42 events 9 reviews

It's an amazing theater, and I was thrilled to get a tour of it; well worth it for anyone who likes Chicago, architecture, history, or just cool stuff.

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Review from med
31 events 9 reviews

Our tour was led by Derek, the House Manager, who was very professional, informed and full of great stories. We highly recommend it.

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Review from Patrick Deering
19 events 8 reviews

a great behind the scenes tour covering changes to the design and purpose of the theatre over the years with a lot of architectural facts and interesting stories. If you are lucky (as we were) you get to climb onto the stage and see the backstage...continued

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Review from Anita
8 events 8 reviews

FABULOUS TOUR. Guide was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The tour covered the architecture, history, and behind-the-scenes areas. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone, from teen to adult. Some walking and climbing stairs is...continued

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Review from Jptele
13 events 8 reviews

Great guide and great tour. We would have enjoyed more art history - ie: paintings, faces, different things that must have some meaning.

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Review from Clint Funk
17 events 8 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chicago Theater tour and learning about the history of this classic theater. I highly recommend this tour, particularly if you are interested in architecture and Chicago history. See a couple of the pictures I took.

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Review from dboy52
54 events 8 reviews

The information given during this tour was interesting as well as informational. Our guide was knowledgeable and quite well spoken. The tour included areas never seen by the public. It was a well spent hour.

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Review from Rob Dargel
11 events 8 reviews

Very interesting tour, beautiful space and the guide was excellent and very charming/entertaining. We heard cool history and fun facts and saw signatures from so many huge stars who played the theatre since the renovation in 1985.

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Review from marsharose
20 events 7 reviews

As a lifelong Chicago resident it is always exciting to find out the history of our amazing landmarks. Learned a lot. Gorgeous architecture and design. Worth it. Behind the scenes look at this historic building.

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Review from Judith A Scheuerman
28 events 7 reviews

guide was very nice and informative...didn't feel rushed during tour at all...plenty of time to look and read

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