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4.1 / 5 Rated by 49 members
Review from jleq
Red Velvet 157 events 47 reviews

Very funny. Both fiancee/I enjoyed greatly. Good seats. Worth attending the afternoon show

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 134 events 18 reviews

It was mildly entertaining and has some social redemption. I suppose that with all the dysfunctional relationships in America this presentation could attain the accolades.

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Dorothy Thomas
Review from Dorothy Thomas
Red Velvet 11 events 10 reviews

very funny and worth the money. Always nice when the comic shakes your hand after the show.

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Julie Caswell
Review from Julie Caswell
Red Velvet 4 events 3 reviews

My husband and I went with another couple and laughed alot. It is a one man show,and is both funny and enlightening. It did seem a little rote for the performer. The whole show last about 65 minutes. Also like alot of shows in Vegas the seats were...continued

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Review from msmcknight
Red Velvet 5 events 3 reviews

We went to see this show for our anniversary. It was entertaining, for the most part, but just not as funny as I thought it would be. Kevin Burke does a great job comparing/contrasting husband and wife - and had the audience laughing and poking...continued

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Debbie Schary
Review from Debbie Schary
Red Velvet 53 events 2 reviews

Very funny! Expect to laugh and learn something about the opposite sex. Come with your partner. Great evening.

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Review from Morgan
87 events 72 reviews

This one man show tackles the differences between men and women is a most entertaining way. As many have noted, this is best seen with your spouse, and this show will make both of you laugh. Seats are at long tables arranged perpendicular to the...continued

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Review from james
67 events 34 reviews

This was a very fun event. The seating was kind of tight, but was a very good, inexpensive, enjoyable evening.

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Review from Don
42 events 18 reviews

To be seen with your significant other. Continuous laughter from beginning to end (which always comes too soon when it's this good). Would recommend too all my friends.

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Review from jt
24 events 18 reviews

Went with my husband and we both agreed that the show was OK... Kevin had his funny moments.. I think my hubby liked the introductory short-film best <sigh>... anyways, I gave it only 2 stars because the seating arrangements were horrible! I felt...continued

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Two Cents
Review from Two Cents
23 events 14 reviews

The show was good, covers the trials and tribulations of married life, you'll get more out of it if you go with your Wife or Husband.

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Miss Aloha OC
Review from Miss Aloha OC
29 events 12 reviews

Kevin was funny and his anecdotes were often truer than I'd like to admit! It was a fun show to see as a couple! We went to the 3pm show, and it was a pleasant afternoon activity. For the Goldstar price, you can't go wrong. Seating was a...continued

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Lee Viviano
Review from Lee Viviano
34 events 9 reviews

We enjoyed the one man show, but we were disapointed that it only lasted one hour.

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Denis Murdock
Review from Denis Murdock
12 events 7 reviews

Show was very funny and entertaining. I personally do not care for the vulgar language, but do understand that seems to be the mantra of Vegas entertainment, unfortunately. The seating was terrible. I was unable to see Jeff Burke the entire...continued

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Review from Tamara
35 events 6 reviews

this show describes differences between male and female. This is a one man show - which surprised us. Show is rated P.G. Ticketing at Will Call is horrible at best.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 6 reviews

This was a fun event and I am definitely glad I went! My only complaint was that I could smell cigarette smoke from the hotel. (No smoking allowed in the room of course.) But what can you do? It's Vegas...Otherwise, very enjoyable, very insightful!

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Review from mizter
12 events 5 reviews

My wife and I were on our honeymoon, so we decided this might be a fun show to attend as newlyweds. The show was very funny. What I like most about it is that even though it comically exposed the struggles/differences between men and women, it...continued

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Debby Mac
Review from Debby Mac
7 events 5 reviews

Take your significant other and you will both learn a thing or two about the opposite sex. Kevin defended the cave man splendidly and had us all laughing so much we cried. We had a great time and I'm sure you will too! Our Goldstar tickets...continued

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Christine Molloy
Review from Christine Molloy
4 events 4 reviews

Last night after the show I would have said, pretty ordinary one man show.. However,I woke up this morning thinking he deserves a score of 10 explaining the difference between men and women. Kind of like the Venus and Mars thing, explaining men...continued

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Review from PatC
5 events 4 reviews

The performance was very enjoyable. Our party of four was laughing through the entire show. It gave us a new and humorous way to think about the differences between men and women!

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