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4.5 / 5 Rated by 165 members
Review from Matthew McLean
83 events 48 reviews

LOVED this. I am a fan of dark, terror/horror/thriller stuff, and while this was mild in comparison to a lot of movies I have seen, it was brilliantly done. Hats off to the entire cast, crew and everyone involved.

More modern dance than a...continued

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Review from CandyCoatedStrychnine
64 events 21 reviews

super dark, super minimal, very mind blowing and chilling. Amazing!! However, not for everyone as it depicts very quick, twisted mayhem, psychopathic tendancies and death.
The lighting and score added to the intensity of the production....continued

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Review from Jason Miller
Red Velvet 47 events 2 reviews

This incredibly unique, if somewhat short, production sports quite a few 5 star ratings here on Goldstar, but that may actually work against it in an offhand way. My advice is; definitely see this wonderfully committed work, easily worth the...continued

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Review from maradaywalt
2 events 1 review

I absolutely loved this show. I've seen a lot of bad theatre in L.A., but this show completely restored my faith. It was inspired, original, and totally creepy. 47 horrific moments in about an hour -- think sketch comedy but scary. They...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

what an incredibly committed cast! masterfully directed and seamlessly run.. i haven't enjoyed myself that much, or been creeped out that much, by theatre in a very very long time. i highly recommend!

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Review from TeenieBopper73
Red Velvet 86 events 3 reviews

I absolutely loved this play and would definitely go see it again. It's VERY funny, scary, entertaining, dark, disturbing, filled with surprises and laughter! Go see it, you will NOT be disappointed.

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Review from Rich Schmidt
358 events 108 reviews

Let's see, what to say about this late night entertainment. It took me a little while to warm up to the theme. It was a series of tableaus and very short enactments of incidents at once or by turns shocking, horrorific, amusing or disgusting. Each...continued

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Review from Ms. Munster
25 events 7 reviews

This play is great! You spend most of the time in the dark which really starts to mess with your eyes and mind. The actors did a great job setting up each skit in the pitch black. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Review from brandicinema
4 events 4 reviews

We really enjoyed this show! It was a great portrait of all things horror. It was a bit spooky (others may be a little more spooked than I was, especially if you are afraid of the dark) and actually quite funny. I was genuinely entertained and I...continued

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Review from shirrey
8 events 3 reviews

Very impressive- especially considering the space and technical instruments available. I took off a star because, for me, it was too long, I was done a little over half way through plus the overuse of a certain kind of scene. But, the cast,...continued

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Review from R Cowan
13 events 2 reviews

Not for the squemish. However,a great night out! Awesome effects and some truly wonderful performances from the actors. You'll jump from your seat with fright one moment and roll into the aisle with laughter the next.

I took my 16 year old son...continued

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Review from April Perez
17 events 7 reviews

even though we read the reviews, we weren't sure what to expect. It was, Trippy !! to say the least. It was cool seeing the scenes they showed. and the sound effects really did play a huge part in the entertainment and total overall play. I was...continued

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Review from Chris Freeman
41 events 7 reviews

Excellent and unique! Like nothing else, really. I recommend it to anyone who loves horror films and Halloweens at Knott's Scary Farm and Universal Studios.

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Review from Celina Reyes
33 events 6 reviews

It was not 5 star perfection, but I did "love it" so I will adhere to Goldstar's rating system. The show was as described, vignettes that reminded me of some of the scariest moments in my favorite horror movies. They did a great job creeping me...continued

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Review from Kahlil Nelson
11 events 5 reviews

Urban death has a few misses, but the mostly hits are FANTASTIC!!! Sticking by the idea of less is more, Urban Death delivers the horror of minimal lighting and sound, but exploiting them expertly. This allows the audiences imagination to be a...continued

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Review from Sandra Nunez
9 events 4 reviews

This theatre group is amazing. It's many vignettes which occur in a blacked-out theatre room. It shows several dark and disturbing scenes, and it completely plays on your senses. Very enjoyable.

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Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 3 reviews

bunch of scenes of horror (madness, lust, black comedy) in a small dark room with simple chairs. no words, blackout intermissions between scenes, i would not go unless you enjoy playing with the cat's tail. ~1hr

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Review from Cristina
5 events 1 review

It was something new and definitely worth going with lots of friends to hold your arm lol

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Review from Invispace
1 event 1 review

This was incredible. I'm a huge horror fan. The skits are funny and perfectly timed. I wasn't scared, but most of the other patrons were.

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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 251 events 124 reviews

Very fun and different evening of gothic/horror entertainment put on by a game cast in an unusual space. Prepare to have a team of actors do their best to disturb you and frequently succeed.

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