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Review from julimil
1 event 1 review

Like being a guest at the wedding from hell. Hilarious. You can interact as much or as little as you want. The dinner is just what you might get in the church basement, not gourmet but decent. Very fun event.

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Review from jetski_chic07
3 events 3 reviews

Instead of being in the audience, you're a wedding guest. The actors interact and mingle with you as if you are part of the family. You sit at the table with at least one of the actors and dine and talk with them as you would at any wedding...continued

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Review from Maria King Santopoalo
10 events 5 reviews

I took my two teenage daughters and their friends, and we all had a good time. The cast was plentiful, and went out of their way to get to know us, and get us involved on the dance floor, in conversations, etc... As others have said, the food is...continued

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Review from Dona
Red Velvet 70 events 16 reviews

My friends and I loved this show. Laughed and intereacted with actors and members at our table. Wonderful to spend the evening with new found friends.

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Review from Tammy Wagnon
33 events 22 reviews

What an entertaining event!! I have seen this play before....but this group in Vegas was FANTASTIC!! They really engage the audience and put on a great show! BRAVO!

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Review from Fozzimon
31 events 10 reviews

We purchased 2 VIP tickets. Supposedly you were going to get a number of free drinks according to the Goldstar description. Well, whether you purchased the drinks or got them for free they were watered down and worthless. We were grudgingly given...continued

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Review from G Franco
23 events 4 reviews

LOVED IT! - It was like going to a "Jersey Shore" wedding. The cast was very friendly to talk to you and include you in the experience. You get to get up dance and have a good time and talk with the other guest at your table. The meal was...continued

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Review from Stefoni
4 events 4 reviews

Saw this more than 20 years ago in LA, and brought my two teenagers this time. They are theater goers and really enjoyed it. They jumped up and shared in the festivities. Lots of laughing, food was good and they updated a couple of parts. ...continued

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Review from marsspace
3 events 1 review

I took my mother to Tony & Tina's wedding and unfortunately we both felt as awkward as if we had crashed the wedding. The music was overly loud and you had to shout to hear anyone talk, even people sitting next to you. From where we sat, which I...continued

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Review from thementers
2 events 1 review

This was a fun and interactive event for both my husband and myself. The wedding started right on time, and we really enjoyed being a true part of the reception. Plan to participate, it makes it much more fun than just sitting and watching....continued

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Review from Masala
Red Velvet 16 events 9 reviews

From the initial meeting of the "wedding party" at the upstairs bar, to the bride's brother donning red high heels, an Indian headdress and leading the guests in a rousing rendition of YMCA,the entire evening was full of laughter and surprises. ...continued

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Review from Buddy's Dad
75 events 60 reviews

The show is incredible. It deserves 5 stars. The actors were all well cast and were 100% in their parts. It was all around terrific entertainment and fun for all.
The dinner is nothing like an Italian dinner I've seen before. It is a...continued

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Review from Ilove2h8usc
34 events 22 reviews

Enjoyed Tony and Tina's wedding! Had a really fun time! Great actors! Loved the singer!! The food was pretty good, not great! Wedding cake was very tasty!! Sat at table 14! Up close and personal! Best table!! Pay the extra money for VIP...continued

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Review from Dennis Marks
30 events 21 reviews

Bad and most disappointing!!!

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Review from Denise Gray
26 events 18 reviews

You need to be some what out going and interact with the wedding party to have the most fun at this event. I have attended Tony n' Tina's Wedding in Chicago with my daughter, daughter-in-law, her mother & sister and we girls all had a blast. ...continued

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Review from twolubs
35 events 16 reviews

This is an interactive show where you are a guest at Tony and Tina's wedding. We've seen this twice in Orange County, and this Las Vegas version was not as fun.

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Review from Michelle Barone
22 events 9 reviews

This a dinner show, as participants in a Catholic Wedding and Reception. It is quite interactive and many things are going on at the same time. It was quite fun. I would recommend doing the VIP seating so you can be very active in the dancing and...continued

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Review from juicyboop
27 events 7 reviews

I'm glad I purchased the VIP seating. We were right in the center of the happening and made the show a better experience for me. It's a very interactive show so if you are not into audience participation, you may not enjoy it as much.

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Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 6 reviews

I've seen the show in two other cities...I thought it was better in my hometown...for sure not right for children under the age of probably 15.

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Review from Susan Anderson
8 events 6 reviews

We had a great time. The mother-of-the-bride loved my boyfriend and I and interacted with us a lot. It was fun, food was so-so, the little details and side goings-on made the show!

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