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Review from Tommy
Red Velvet 116 events 53 reviews

I'm a native new Yorker and have been to this neighborhood many times, but have never been as enlightened and appreciative of the richness of the history and local shops of Little Italy and Chinatown. This tour opens your mind, eyes and palate.

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Review from Valerie Williams
Red Velvet 60 events 26 reviews

Unfortunately it was a very rainy day, but we thought it may have helped the tour! That's because there wasn't a big crowd on the street or in the shops/restaurants we visited. I enjoyed the history of the area and the sample foods were...continued

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Review from Sunny-D
Red Velvet 35 events 19 reviews

I really enjoyed this tour. The tour guide was very knowledgable and the food portions were perfect.

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Review from blackstaffx
Red Velvet 163 events 14 reviews

Highly recommend this food tour for both locals and visitors alike. Liz was the perfect tour leader with her magnetic personality, knowledge of history and passion for food. Bring an empty stomach and an open mind and you will experience Little...continued

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Review from Kurt Biedermann
Red Velvet 23 events 12 reviews

Fun way to learn the history and sample the fantastic food. Love every minute and would recommend to anyone visiting NYC.

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Review from Ralph Valencia, Jr.
Red Velvet 173 events 8 reviews

One of the clear highlights of our whole trip!! A MUST DO. Absolutely wonderful experience... even in the rain! :)

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Review from Marina S.
Red Velvet 80 events 4 reviews

The tour was definitely a success! Alana, the owner and the tour operator, did a great job combining food and restaurant stories with history facts and area legends. The food was tasty. Will definitely be back with other tours.

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Review from Mark D Bershad
Red Velvet 25 events 3 reviews

Excellent walking/tasting tour of an area of NYC familiar but not necessarily understood. Guide/founder, Alana, imparts her thorough knowledge of the area via a relaxed dialogue with the group, in our case, of 8. Samplings were tasty and eclectic,...continued

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Review from Marianne Scott
77 events 67 reviews

This was an awesome Walking Tour - This was a birthday gift to my son who loved it. All the food we sampled and ate was his favorites. Since I'm a native New Yorker, it was great to see and learn about the history of Chinatown and Little Italy. ...continued

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Review from aslsiouxz
88 events 49 reviews

My 13 year old daughter and I loved this tour. Our host Alana was sweet and extremely knowledgeable. She shared stories about the history of the area including immigrants, mob murders, and so much more. She is also well versed about the foods...continued

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Review from Tara M
33 events 20 reviews

Very fun and interesting tour, our guide was knowledgable and friendly and kept the tour moving at a good pace, all the food was very good.

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Review from Ruth Smerling
129 events 18 reviews

This is a very professionally led tour. The tour guide meets you right where she says she'll be and she's holding a sign so you don't have to try and figure out who it is you're looking for. She guides you through the most densely populated area...continued

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Review from Susan
23 events 16 reviews

Liz was a great tour guide. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Chinatown and Little Italy areas, which I enjoyed learning about. The food samplings were delicious. I already returned to Little Itwly to take advantage of one of...continued

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Review from niara
22 events 15 reviews

You meet in front of a central location (Kam Man Grocery Store) in Chinatown for what turned out to be an informative, fun tour. I was born and raised in New York, and this was a first for me! What can you say about a 3-hour tour that gives you...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
22 events 13 reviews

Alana was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Eating on the street on a very cold day was difficult. The restaurant experience was good.

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Review from William Bill Bergfalk
17 events 13 reviews

The tour went well on time - tour guide knew the area very well - great locations for food (would have skipped the Thai stop- in China Town) would suggest other to take this tour.

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Review from Tricia
21 events 12 reviews

After living in NYC for the last 3 years we finally experienced little italy and china town on this amazing tour with lots of tasty samplings. loved it!! what a fabulous idea. Be sure to check out the tenement museum after this tour concludes.

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Review from Charles E.
23 events 12 reviews

Alana from Gloversville was great. She made our tour fun, very informative and was enjoyed by all. The food we experienced was delicious and in total, a meal.

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Review from mooremine
29 events 12 reviews

Alana, the tour guide, was recommended by a friend who spent a week in NY recently. Even without the Goldstar deal, tickets are very reasonable compared to other culinary/walking tours. We met up with a group a 10 people. Alana is incredibly...continued

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Review from Andrew Teie
30 events 11 reviews

Alana our guide was super informed & very nice, the food was superb and definitely provided enough of it. Overall it was a crummy day outside so the whole thing lacked a certain energy to it. But overall I'd definitely recommend it!

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