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Review from dogmom11
Red Velvet 178 events 125 reviews

Take this tour and you'll never look @ the Marina as a hipster-filled wasteland again!

We toured on the opening day of Dungeness Crab Season--Kirk caught/released a 7" (large) one from the starting point on the public the first 10...continued

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Review from Dana Miller
Red Velvet 185 events 118 reviews

The tour was terrific. As others have reported, Kirk is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He is also very interesting, and he can answer any possible question you might have on what seafood is safe to eat, and, if you think you might want to...continued

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Review from Peter S
Red Velvet 161 events 99 reviews

Kirk's is extremely generous with his knowledge and successfully taught all of us how to procure meals from the sea and much about the politics of fishing on the West Coast. And it was all FUN! His passion rubs off on you.

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Review from Moy's Toys
Red Velvet 84 events 56 reviews

Kirk is quite a character and wealth of knowledge. Though I expected to dig in the sand for clams and get wet, the experience was still great. We learned how to set traps to catch crab, how to pick mussels off the wall, how to throw a net to...continued

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Review from Gae S.
Red Velvet 151 events 46 reviews

Kirk is very informative and transmits his knowledge very effectively. It was geared to people who either fish or want to fish, but will make anyone who eats or orders fish think about their choice of fish to eat.An added bonus is getting a...continued

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Review from Jessica Shelton
Red Velvet 18 events 1 review

This tour was excellent!

It was more of a lecture and demonstration than a 'tour' but it was very educational, interesting, and fun. Kirk's passion for the Bay Area and his respect for all of the tasty creatures around us was contagious. ...continued

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Review from Misa Sugui
295 events 216 reviews

We caught dungeness crab, rock crab, mussel, and monkeyface eel! It was very fun and educational tour! I highly recommend it!

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Review from Paula M.
213 events 43 reviews

Wonderfully informative, fun event. Kirk is a personable, patient, people-oriented treasure trove of information about local marine life, regulations, techniques, equipment, resources, safety information, food preparation, cooking and the history...continued

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Review from Fergus
85 events 42 reviews

Knowledgeable, personable Kirk gives out practical and hands-on information for the amateur fisherperson. Be sure to dress warmly, at least at this time of year. Prepare to walk for the 2+ hours.

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Review from Daniel
39 events 30 reviews

Fantastic time out at the marina! Kirk's passion for foraging and aquatic life is compelling. Took a friend for her birthday present, we both learned a lot and the 2 plus hours on the tour seemed like 30 minutes because it all interesting.

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Review from rebecca
116 events 30 reviews

very informative. this is to learn how to forage seafood in CA rather than taking you on a foraging trip. Kirk is a wealth of knowledge!

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Review from Susan Fuerstenberg
42 events 25 reviews

Wow! This may be one of the most informative and enjoyable tours I have ever been on. A great blend of relevant information and hands-on action. The tour has info you can use right away. Kirk is a overflowing receptacle of current info and...continued

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Review from Maribeth Goldstein
64 events 19 reviews

Kirk is super informative - very patient - we had 3 kids on our small tour - he is a great guide

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Review from Patricia
59 events 18 reviews

Truly an SF Bay Area unique event! We learned so much. Kirk knows everything there is to know about fishing- and more in the Bay Area! He answered all the questions knowledgably, and was fun to watch and talk with. I would reccommend this to...continued

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Review from JanFreya Didur
33 events 14 reviews

Captain Kirk is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny and passionate. Great for kids of all ages!

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Review from Tracey Ayres
21 events 13 reviews

If you haven't met Kirk you're missing a great thing. Learn from him, laugh with him, hell... Laugh at him. He doesn't care.

Great experience, all of it useful, interesting, and entertaining. My high school age son also thought it was great.

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Review from Tim
47 events 12 reviews

Although not planning to do it today, I now know how to forage the coast when armageddon comes. Kirk was entertaining and a fount of knowledge, letting us drive the conversation through our questions. I would definitely recommend this to my...continued

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Review from Elizabeth Bechtold
28 events 12 reviews

It was an amazing event. He should get into the school system and have a program for the kids, Goldstar has found a real entrepeneur and should give him his " start" . he can make a difference!!!
Top notch!!! He is a " keeper" at least...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
21 events 9 reviews

Really enjoyed seeing how easy it is to catch crabs. Lots o' standing around. Kirk is very entertaining.

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Review from Goldstar Member
19 events 7 reviews

Fantastic experience! I took 3 of my children, ages 10, 13 and 16. It was a gorgeous November day and all of us had a great time. Kirk is fun and extremely knowledgeable about foraging in the local area. We learned so much and HIGHLY recommend...continued

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