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4.6 / 5 Rated by 2123 members
Review from Emily
44 events 12 reviews

I loved this show! The acrobatics and theatrics were amazing. My only real complaint was that they didn't tie in the theme of cinema very well - it was more vaudeville type acts and costumes than anything really having to do with cinema besides...continued

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Review from Ron
27 events 13 reviews

This rates 5-stars for visual impact and technical skill, but only 1-star for storytelling, clarity, stage choreography, heart, and soul....It is great entertainment, well-worth the Goldstar price, but not the list price of tickets. If you have...continued

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Review from FredZ2
Red Velvet 73 events 26 reviews

Could not see about 1/3 of the show due to the obstructed view seats in the fifth row on the very right side of the theatre. The seats were not advertised as obstructed view and I'm a red velvet member so really disappointed with the way this...continued

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Review from hookashank
21 events 6 reviews

I love Cirque du Soleil shows, but if you've seen their shows in Vegas then I would say this is good, but not spectacular. I wouldn't compare it to O, Love, Mystere, etc. If it's your first Cirque du Soleil show then you'll love it, but I could...continued

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Review from Suzz
Red Velvet 51 events 41 reviews

Superb! Costumes, visual effects, music, artistry and the whole Kodak theatre atmosphere. Such a treat for the eyes and ears. We had no trouble parking but it is a rather busy area of town- and not the best. That said - nevertheless it did not...continued

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Review from hi_mav
10 events 9 reviews

What an amazing show! This was my first Cirque show, but I can definitely say I thoroughly enjoyed it. From interaction with characters before the show started to the breathtaking acrobatics and contortion, this show was a delight from start to...continued

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Review from Ruthe Benton
23 events 4 reviews

We've attended numerous Cirque productions and, while we've enjoyed them all, after the first 10 or so, found that certain shows repeated - and were dependent on acrobatics with a very loose narrative.
IRIS employed multiple media elements and...continued

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Review from RB
Red Velvet 146 events 41 reviews

IRIS provides a visual tour and delight unmatched by any other Cirque shows, especially from Vegas. And what makes this event even more terrific is the subject matter of HOLLYWOOD and FILMS which is all very dear to us. Thank you Cirque for...continued

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Review from Oscar J.
168 events 50 reviews

Saw it for the second time. There are so many complex entertaining things happening simultaneously thoughout this spectacular that it was as fresh and entertaining as if it was being seen for the first time!

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Review from kingaklubs
18 events 10 reviews

Amazing spectacle! My wife and I have seen several Cirque shows in the past and we have loved them, but this takes the cake by far! It was super fantastic!

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Review from Doug J
5 events 3 reviews

Very fun and entertaining show. The theatre is beautiful and you have a good view in almost any section. Performances were amazing and comical as well. Well worth the price of the ticket.

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Review from BB
4 events 1 review

This was a beautiful, exciting, fantastic, emotional production!!!! Every aspect knocked my socks, costumes, characterization, dancing, specialty performances, film integration and the signature Cirque overload of detail was...continued

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Review from Andrea Szeredy
Red Velvet 261 events 194 reviews

I loved the idea of the whole show on stage instead of outside in a tent - there was so much more to see & enjoy this way. The trapeze act was a little too long for not much resulting from her swinging back & forth for such a long time. Great...continued

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Review from mel
50 events 25 reviews

I loved it. A great (as usual) cirque du soeil.
Good seats through gold star.

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Review from Shannon Delgado
41 events 21 reviews

I have been too many Cirque du Soleil shows but I have also been to the Chinese Acrobatic Circus - this was two in the same, with a little bit of Hollywood thrown in the mix so they could call it a Cirque du Soleil Hollywood show. To me it was not...continued

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Review from Matthew Zion
44 events 6 reviews

Definitely worth seeing! If you've only seen Cirque in a tent...then this is a must on your list.

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Review from lvenis
32 events 2 reviews

I've seen Cirque du Soleil three times over the past eight years and always loved it. IRIS was fabulous, and the Kodak was transformed to embrace and present the performance perfectly. The Hollywood theme is, of course, incredibly fitting for the...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

Having been to other Cirque performances, this one left me a little wanting. Don't get me wrong, it was great! But after seeing others, my expectations were perhaps a bit too high.

The performers were of course, amazing. The comedy relief...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 1 review

Like the combination of skilled acrobatic acts and film like stage props. Not as grand as other Cirques we have seen but very much a fun evening.

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Review from theaterfan
Red Velvet 66 events 45 reviews

Excellent, excellent, excellent! The best Cirque du Soleil show since "O". Remarkable staging, excellent performances, funny audience involvement. The film noir sequence was amazingly staged and the trampoline and acrobats have to be seen to be...continued

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