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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 799 events 680 reviews

Okay at best...interesting story but it just seemed to keep going around and around in circles. It clearly was NOT an "edge of my seat" kind of show. Good acting.

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Scott Carter
Review from Scott Carter
Red Velvet 979 events 560 reviews

Fantastic perfomances, engaging writing, hohum venu.

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Jazz Lover
Review from Jazz Lover
Red Velvet 227 events 124 reviews

This is the second time that we've seen Dead Certain, the last time at the Royce Gallery a year or two ago. We weren't sure we'd enjoy it a second time (we loved it the first time), but we enjoyed it just as much this time--or maybe even...continued

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Review from Janice
Red Velvet 357 events 114 reviews

Excellent acting by both actors. The woman reminded me of Kathy Bates in Misery. Interesting cat & mouse plot will keep you guessing until the end. Quite professionally set for a hotel room. Definitely worth seeing.

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Stewart A. Laidlaw
Review from Stewart A. Laidlaw
Red Velvet 122 events 103 reviews

This is a play very similar to "Deathtrap" in that it is a very artifical premise involving sudden changes of perspective and misdirection, leading to a final surprise. Well executed for what it is

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Review from bikerhiker
Red Velvet 212 events 85 reviews

Excellent, tense, suspenseful, and very engaging performance. The actors are outstanding, especially the lead actress with her very expressive and devious eyes. The pop-up setting works very well. Being close to the actors makes the play all...continued

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Married Gays
Review from Married Gays
Red Velvet 352 events 51 reviews


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Alyonik Hrushow
Review from Alyonik Hrushow
Red Velvet 158 events 49 reviews

Wonderful acting, fascinating play and very intimate setting. Was so interesting to speak to the two fabulous actors after the performance who clearlyoved having a responsive audience. Highly recommend this!

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Andrea Laudate
Review from Andrea Laudate
Red Velvet 91 events 48 reviews

It was complex and I could not guess the ending. The actors were superb and my husband and I were caught up in the play.

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Review from jamil
Red Velvet 59 events 9 reviews

While my wife and I have taken in our fair share of the big glitzy shows that come to town, what makes a thriving theater scene are all the smaller intimate houses putting on productions you otherwise wouldn't get to see. Dead Certain is a great...continued

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Review from DJ
Red Velvet 18 events 8 reviews

Very clever, and engrossing. While you may pick up early (as I did) the general plot, there are still a few little twists and turns to keep you interested. There's no intermission, and the play runs about an hour and twenty minutes....continued

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Glenda King
Review from Glenda King
Red Velvet 30 events 7 reviews

Great show. I enjoyed it very much. It was full of suspense - yet very funny at times. I definitely did not predict the end and could not wait to see how things would turn out. It was great! I loved the ambiance of the Cartwright Hotel. The...continued

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susan H
Review from susan H
Red Velvet 29 events 1 review

Truly unique theater experience. Sitting inches away from the actors really drew us into the story and made us feel like we knew the characters.

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Review from LIH
243 events 184 reviews


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Theatre Fan
Review from Theatre Fan
159 events 140 reviews

Very good show in an alternative, intimate, comfortable venue. Good acting, excellent energy and pacing. Recommended.

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Baby J
Review from Baby J
134 events 100 reviews

Excellent acting! Thrilling storyline. Small intimate venue. Great hospitality (pre-show snacks, complimentary wine.) Perfect!

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Brian G.
Review from Brian G.
164 events 87 reviews
Review from George
129 events 77 reviews

It was wonderful. Terrific Pop Up Theater, cookies/wine for free in the lobby. And it was only about an hour and half. The actors were amazing. Terrific. They were flawless. the play itself was a bit predictable but overall I enjoyed it immensely.

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Dennis S.
Review from Dennis S.
161 events 77 reviews

The acting was great and the story was compelling.

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Judy Wong
Review from Judy Wong
77 events 66 reviews

The play, Dead Certain by Marcus Lloyd was a little repetitious. Diana Brown and Andrey Esterlis did an excellent acting job bringing it alive with excitement for their audience. The set construction was simple but effective with the storyline...continued

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