The aliens guitar
3.3 / 5 Rated by 8 members
Review from Goldstar Member

while the acting was good and during the periods of silence the actors conveyed alot of information non-vebally. The periods of silence were almost unbearable.

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Review from Goldstar Member

In its effort at hyperrealism, the play slogs through the first act with an uncertainty at where it is heading. The second act is a masterwork. If you're concerned at intermission, fear not. You will be rewarded.

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Review from suzabrams

The acting , as always at the Studio, was very good. Despite that, I found it hard to care about the characters. For me , the characters and their lives were not engaging enough to sustian interest for an entire play.

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Review from Funquestr

REALLY slow! It must be difficult for the actors in such an intimate venue to look out and see (and I counted) at least 8 people in the audience sleeping...half of which were seated in the front row!

Truly, a very boring experience, though the...continued

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Review from Angela

Play was about 3 young men. Two of them had thoroughly messed up their lives, and the third was very unhappy.
The acting and directing was very good, but the plot and dialogue was horrible. Several people did not return after the intermission.

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