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John Navas
Review from John Navas
59 events 51 reviews

Impressively professional production and staging, excellent play, although it seemed like the actors were still learning their characters in the last preview I attended. First half was a bit weak; second half was more compelling. Greg was the...continued

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Review from MCP
62 events 38 reviews

another great, thought-provoking evening of theater at SFPlayhouse. Even in the larger space, Bill English was able to put a spin on the set that brings back the days of the old tiny theater and the surprises the audience with superb stage-craft....continued

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Review from AJ
82 events 34 reviews

Actors and sets were great but the story was just not that interesting. A lot of effort on a very weak script - a real shame.

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Jason Roland
Review from Jason Roland
47 events 32 reviews

Great acting by all four (though the two female characters not nearly as developed as the two male ones), great staging, witty banter, fast-paced. The only thing keeping it from getting the fifth star is it seemed to fail to really get any deeper...continued

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Review from sf44
40 events 29 reviews

This show was delightful. It was laugh out loud funny and it had an interesting message about the way beauty is viewed and revered by most cultures.

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Review from fogcitygal
55 events 21 reviews

This was my first Neil LaBute play and my last. He's just not my cup of tea. I found the characters to be mere stereotypes. The actors were all good. The finale of the scene at the ballpark was not realistic to me, and neither was the very...continued

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Matthew K.
Review from Matthew K.
60 events 20 reviews

If there were an option to give this 4 and a half stars, that's what I'd do. It's a very good play and a very good production. LaBute continues to look at the tensions and conflicts between men and women in dating and intimate relationships.

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Review from James
21 events 17 reviews

Wonderfully acted, great writing, intelligent ,true to life and some very funny moments.

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Jim & Eric
Review from Jim & Eric
42 events 16 reviews

Excellent cast and set design (as usual at SF Playhouse). The play itself though wasn't quite satisfying. The individual scenes work well, but it just wasn't clear what Neil LaBute's point was in the end. Still, a good but not great evening of...continued

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Review from mseaton
48 events 16 reviews

Neil LaBute's script is tight and the acting is excellent - a most entertaining evening.

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Dylan MacDonald
Review from Dylan MacDonald
36 events 15 reviews

Loved this production. Neil LeBute is one of my favorite playwrights so I was pretty confident I'd enjoy the play. But the cast was a pleasant surprise. Everyone was first-rate. Highly recommended.

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Review from aparna
31 events 15 reviews

what a great cast!it was funny and poignant at the same time. this is the 2nd play i have seen from this company and both were fabulous with incredible actors.
the amount of profanity may offend some but it seems a natural part of the characters.

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Review from Theotoks
60 events 12 reviews

Acting, direction, production values are all first-rate. I don't mind "dark" comedies, but this felt a bit like 2 hours in a vicious internet chatroom. With such shallow and banal characters, it was very hard to summon up a desire to care what...continued

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Review from rach3
35 events 12 reviews

this is an excellent production, with excellent acting, of an excellent play, head and shoulders above anything you will see downtown at any of the smaller houses (see some of my previous reviews), and as good as or better than anything you'll see...continued

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Review from Tessa
43 events 12 reviews

Wonderful play and terrific performances by all four cast members. This is what live theater so rarely is--but what we go to the theater hoping for. I am looking forward to other productions at this venue.

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Review from jcinsf
54 events 11 reviews

Snappy dialogue (ok, maybe a little too much cursing) well executed. Enjoyed it!

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Doug Cover
Review from Doug Cover
34 events 11 reviews

Very funny but moving exploration of the war between the sexes. Excellent acting, sets and stagecraft. Beautiful theater. Parking can be challenging. If you're coming from the East Bay you might want to consider using BART.

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Morton Paley
Review from Morton Paley
12 events 8 reviews

A brilliant production of a superb play! I saw it on Broadway, and this one was decidely better. Terrific acting and directing! The play itself is brilliant.

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Review from jazzola
48 events 8 reviews

Terrific! Great script, acting, sets!!!

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Review from ezra
22 events 7 reviews

Easy and cheap parking at Sutter and Stockton Garage a block away. Getting the tickets at will call was painless. The new SF Playhouse location is great. Got a coffee and a cookie at the coffee shop next door. Walking through the lobby to get...continued

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