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Review from judi hochman
49 events 18 reviews

Stanley is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from him about central park and photography. Judi

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Review from Mary E. Collin
40 events 17 reviews

It was a bitterly cold day and any others that had intended to take this tour, cancelled out, so I had the guide all to myself. I learned a great deal about my camera and taking photos in the park. Ibrahima was terrific, and he really knew his...continued

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Review from Taniusha Papusha
23 events 16 reviews

My friend loved it!
Sunset drops a lot of romantic and fabulous shadows of city. It felt like you are behind the mirror watching from a different world how night little by little takes over and lights up its power...
Just enjoy!

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Review from Jim & Eric
41 events 16 reviews

What makes or breaks any walking tour is the guide, and Mr. Diallo was energetic, funny, and personable. His passion for photography was clear, and he gave good pointers on how to take better photos. As we walked through the park, he provided the...continued

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Review from Batman
15 events 10 reviews

I would have wish to have done this but it was myself and another person waiting in the colddd..super cold day
we called the company.. "oh we are on our way..etc." called again and again "oh the guide is not picking up :("
make a long story short...continued

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Review from Fred
15 events 9 reviews

This tour was great!! Ibrahima knows his stuff and loves to impart his knowledge to the participants of the tour. He tailors the tour to your level of expertise so you'll have a great time no matter what your level of experience is. I learned a...continued

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Review from Pam Maki Shetler
21 events 8 reviews

Ibrahima was a wonderful, patient teacher giving excellent suggestions and advice about photography. If you have a good camera, Ibrahima will explain settings and adjustments. I am only using an iPhone, but still learned so many things to improve...continued

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Review from Fabia
17 events 7 reviews

Beyond our expectations. I thought it would be just a walking tour with a few photographic hints but instead, we really got a practical and good-quality photography lesson. Ibrahimi Diallo is fun, attentive and passionate about NYC and...continued

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Review from Lane Devereux
34 events 7 reviews

Our tour guide, Ibrahim, gave a vivid and vivacious commentary along our tour route. His instruction was very helpful and he took us to the loviest places, pointing out photo opportunitie as we went. I am so glad that we took this tour with All...continued

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Review from Rhonda V
8 events 5 reviews

I felt most of the focus was on our guides photos that he has taken and a lot of critiquing of our photos. I thought it was going to be more about showing great places to take photos and a few pointers on how to get better photos.

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Review from Lourdes
15 events 5 reviews

Ibrahim was excellent. He was very consultative in teaching how to use IPhone photo apps to improve and enhance photos. He was knowledgeable about the park and its history.

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Review from Junior
7 events 5 reviews

The guide really schooled me on history through the tour of all the wonderfull photogenic scenery there was to know of the park. He was very personable and passionate as he spoke of the history surrounding you as you walk through. Composition was...continued

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Review from Rob Kudyba
7 events 4 reviews

Our guide was so generous with his time and knowledge especially with areas of the park and many photography tips especially with cameras on your phone!

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Review from MattSadler
9 events 4 reviews

We were pleasantly surprised. We've been taking pictures for years, but we learned new things about our equipment and compostion, and had several opportunities to put it into practice. It was well worth the time and money.

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Review from Diane Birkbeck
5 events 4 reviews

What a rewarding and informative experience! Ibrahima Diallo shared both his extensive knowledge about Central Park and NYC as well as photography. We had a beautiful afternoon as we strolled, tried different shots, and critiqued them as we...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 3 reviews

I met with David and I was the only person on the tour. As we went on our tour, it was clear David was definitely very knowledgeable about Central Park. He gave me quite a bit of information I hadn't known about the Park, although I have been to...continued

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Review from roafam
5 events 3 reviews

Our tour guide was very patient and knowledgeable. The tour was fun and we learned about the park and some photo tips. Our guide took extra time with those who had specific questions. Highly recommend!

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Review from Ken Bergmann
7 events 3 reviews

The tour operator did not show up at the scheduled time and place. After calling and leaving a message he called back to say that based on communication from Goldstar he thought all participants had cancelled. He has offered a free tour which I...continued

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Review from C
6 events 3 reviews

This was an exceptional experience. Mr. Diallo's knowledge of photography and of Central Park in particular and NYC in general was beyond anything I expected. I learned things about my camera that I read in the manual but had forgotten or never...continued

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Review from Annette Sanfillippo
12 events 3 reviews

Tour guide was very knowledgable, took us to areas of the park both interesting and
Photogenic !

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