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Review from G,H.
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The author of 'Shakespeare in Love' wrote this play. Since I loved the movie I had high hopes to see a really good play. I was severely disappointed. The two couples depicted and their various infidelities never felt real, nor did I care what...continued

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Review from terry
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Very good play.

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Stewart A. Laidlaw
Review from Stewart A. Laidlaw
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This is a classic case of a play unsuited to its venue. The Real Thing involves multiple (maybe 30) scene changes which I would imagine would ideally be done using a revolving stage. Since the theater did not have one, this meant that each scene...continued

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Gemma G-E
Review from Gemma G-E
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The play started off fine, but then it went on too long due to numerous set changes which sometimes really were unnecessary, and adversely affected the flow of the story. The fake cigarettes really bothered me and my husband including others who...continued

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Bill Poock
Review from Bill Poock
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Wildly divergent abilities amongst the cast: while some were quite good (especially the female lead), others were very sadly miscast and out of their depth delivering the beautiful language of the play. Perhaps stronger direction would have...continued

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Review from Patricia
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Booooooring. We left after the intermission.

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Rick Rogers
Review from Rick Rogers
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Acting was terrific; the set changes, though, were very long and dragged out the duration of the performance to near intolerable length. With speedier set changes, or even dropping a few altogether, the pacing would have made this a much better...continued

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Richard Pavlotsky
Review from Richard Pavlotsky
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best in la

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Review from Dennis
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When the delivery wasn't over the top, the actors were so intent on getting the English accent correct that their delivery became artificial. We left at the break.

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Mark Hein
Review from Mark Hein
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Fine writing, some fine acting (especially from Cindy Marinangel, Michael Robb and Anna Laura Singleton) ... buried under a stageful of excess furnishings and chopped into incoherence by 40 minutes of scene changes. A swift comedy snuffed by a...continued

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carole oligario
Review from carole oligario
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Linda Alznauer did I marvelous job directing "The Real Thing". Michael Robb was outstanding as Henry. Must see!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The opening act was disappointing, and it made me wonder of Tom Stoppard was overrated or possibly over the hill; however, the second act explaned that it was the unreality of the theatre that was being portrayed in the first act, as the contrast...continued

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Doc Rock
Review from Doc Rock
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On the whole, it was a very enjoyable experience. The actors did a great job! A very good local rendition of a classic play.

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