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Review from NancyLChan@HotMail.Com
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Stone Cottage Theater is in a complex of theaters, small with close
u shaped seating to the stage. A Bur-Less-Q Nutcracker was slow to take off to an enjoyable performance. As indicated, this an adult venue.

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Rebecca Burslem
Review from Rebecca Burslem
23 events 14 reviews

Hilarious! I hope they do it again next year so I can take my friends.

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Cookie Smart
Review from Cookie Smart
20 events 12 reviews

Boy do they do wonders in a very small space. Great dancing, acting, costumes, etc. and it is all "in your face" pure FUN and filled with burlesque banter!

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Crystal Clements
Review from Crystal Clements
19 events 9 reviews

It was hilarious! Just know it is an "adult" show. My husband and I went and had a great time. The dancers were very good and the comedy was great!

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Review from Amy
17 events 7 reviews

My husband and I thorough enjoyed our night at A Bur-Less-Q. The plot, humor, dancing and music were excellent. If you are easily offended by crude humor, sexual innuendo or you're a homophobic this is not the show for you. I will note the very...continued

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Will Bowen
Review from Will Bowen
19 events 5 reviews

Great little performance...second production her and really enjoyed both of them...will definitely be back for future productions...loved it..

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Review from DavidP
20 events 5 reviews

It was a really fum time. The venue is quirky...in a good way! It's not the most "professional" show, but very entertaining!! I would recommend it!!

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Paul Brown
Review from Paul Brown
8 events 5 reviews

We saw it last year for the first time, but enjoyed it so much that we brought new friends along and saw it again! Very funny stuff, and quality dancing, too!! Don't bring the kids... definitely parents/adults only.

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Lolly McKenzie
Review from Lolly McKenzie
8 events 4 reviews

I laughed so much and so hard my cheeks and sides both hurt! If you don't mind a little of dirty talk and by a little I mean a lot plus all the hints of things good girls would never say, you'll love this show! The playhouse is very small but it...continued

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Jenae Nelson
Review from Jenae Nelson
9 events 4 reviews

Not your typical Nutcracker, be prepared to laugh a lot!!!

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Susan Stonecipher
Review from Susan Stonecipher
10 events 4 reviews

Second year to see it. Brought more friends this year and recruiting more for next. Please don't change a thing or change a castmember -- would it be so fun to have a Baptist (or all the Baptists) come out in a blaze of honesty? This is...continued

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Review from cowboygc
5 events 3 reviews

good show - very entertaining and funny.
nice little venue.

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Review from stormsmall
46 events 3 reviews

This is the second holiday season that we've gone to see it, they do it every year and it is a great tradition. It is delightful overall and some parts are quite hilarious! Don't miss discovering this gem of a small theater and all their great...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 2 reviews

I have gone to this show for the last 5 years. I always love it. Funny, entertaining and raunchy. Everyone I have taken has also loved it and laughed through the entire show.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 2 reviews

It was surprisingly funny and a great show to watch. Definitely going next year.

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Sonia Rojas
Review from Sonia Rojas
14 events 2 reviews

My friends and I loved it! The show was hilarious, witty, charming & well played and danced. The whole crew was fabulous. The most hilarious part was the G-string - and that's all I am going to say... Great show in a small, cozy location!!

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Ian McDonough
Review from Ian McDonough
9 events 2 reviews

The show was hilarious! It wasn't as "burlesque" as I thought it would be, meaning the ladies never really showed that much skin. Of course, that isn't the main point of the show anyway! The writing and dancing was very entertaining and I would...continued

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Bob Scott
Review from Bob Scott
6 events 2 reviews

We all thought it was Hilarious!!

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Chelsea Metcalf
Review from Chelsea Metcalf
2 events 1 review

Absolutely hilarious, cute , sexy, fun and controversial. I absolutely loved it. That being said, it comes with a warning: you need to have an open mind. Not for kids, homophobes or highly religious people.

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Penny Johnson
Review from Penny Johnson
8 events 1 review

Best, entertaining different version of Nutcracker ever. If you don't see it, you're missing out.

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