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Dean Mancina
Review from Dean Mancina
Red Velvet 119 events 68 reviews

Great acting, singing, costumes, sets, and design of an unusual musical with a poignant story. Another outstanding production by the Chance Theater. I’m quickly becoming a fan of this venue!

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Review from Sparky
Red Velvet 82 events 57 reviews

We expected to enjoy the show, but were all blown away by the performances, the songs, the staging, and the unique lighting. We were all in tears by the end and highly recommend it to others!

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Ira T.
Review from Ira T.
265 events 104 reviews

The production was as magical and enchanting as the story. If ever a musical autobiography of Robert Preston is produced, the charming Jeff Lowe would be perfect in the lead.

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Bill R
Review from Bill R
81 events 79 reviews

A bucket of tears for this one. Nicely done.

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edward gutierrez
Review from edward gutierrez
99 events 70 reviews

We had a whole lot of fun about a great story. The actors were outstanding, I love the story of Big Fish. If you have not read the book or seen the movie you would still understand the story from the stage version.

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Luis Hernandez
Review from Luis Hernandez
40 events 29 reviews

Plenty of free parking, small theatre, most dressed quite causal. So, I guess anything goes. Great story, singing, and dancing. My mother and I totally enjoyed it. Luis H.

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Gini Wolf
Review from Gini Wolf
53 events 21 reviews

Delightful and professional

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Debbie Friedman
Review from Debbie Friedman
32 events 19 reviews

It was better than expected and the Chance Theater is always good. The lead actor (Dad), his wife and the woman who played the witch were, IMO, Broadway caliber. The songs and dancing were excellent. In general, Chance Theater - parking is free...continued

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Ron Scarlata
Review from Ron Scarlata
52 events 12 reviews

Well staged and produced version of the Broadway musical. However, the singing voices of the two male leading characters were sub-par and weakened an otherwise strong production.

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Max Schmidl
Review from Max Schmidl
30 events 7 reviews

Big Fish was wonderful, magical, warm hearted and inspiring! Chance theater has done it again.

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Red Ruffensore
Review from Red Ruffensore
45 events 6 reviews

Strong cast made the most of Big Fish. The songs are forgettable but the actors had great energy and kept the show interesting to watch.

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Review from Mawingu21
9 events 4 reviews

The first act is a tad long - but overall very entertaining. Great performances!

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Review from Cduck
35 events 2 reviews

Great performance for such a small venue. Recommend anyone else to see it!

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Sean Maulding
Review from Sean Maulding
27 events 2 reviews

My fiancée and I really enjoyed this show. Kudos to the Chance Theater for putting on such a large production in a nice, intimate space.

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Lori Sang
Review from Lori Sang
29 events 2 reviews

What an awesome musical! The cast and crew are talented and a joy to watch. I highly recommend.
Also, this was my first time at this theatre and I had a wonderful experience. It’s a beautiful theatre and the all the staff were helpful and pleasant.

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Review from jvietze
6 events 1 review

It was my first time to the Chance Theater and was sooo impressed.

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