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Angie Caballero Serrano
Review from Angie Caballero Serrano
42 events 32 reviews

The show was enjoyable. We laughed a lot and the chicken and mashed potatoes were delicious. The only problem was the parking. They should let you know ahead of time that you have to pay for parking and get a parking card at the valet booth...continued

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Review from Bearbows
30 events 20 reviews


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Review from Existent
20 events 19 reviews

We went to The Dinner Detective for Valentine's Day and it was an interesting experience. We checked in at 6:00 p.m., took photos and were given our table number. We obviously didn't get the memo about a 7:00 p.m. start time because many...continued

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Review from drgnldy
22 events 15 reviews

I went with my adult son for his birthday. The actors put their heart and soul into the performance. For me , however, it is a bit overpriced. We both ordred the chicken dinner. The salad and vegetables were good as was the dessert, but the...continued

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Cori Koenig
Review from Cori Koenig
76 events 14 reviews

We laughed the whole evening, the actors made it an evening we want to repeat. So creative, entertaining, and just a great time.

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Review from ckrs13
11 events 6 reviews

I thought this was a dinner show, but it is more interactive than that. The show happens among the audience, there is no stage. There is a part where diners are asked to mingle and interview each other looking for clues. Over all, it was really...continued

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Leslie Mariscal
Review from Leslie Mariscal
12 events 5 reviews

We had a fun table, they participated in the game which made it fun. The actors were hilarious! The food was actually good but they forgot to serve the coffee with dessert. I would recommend it to friends.

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Elena Hery
Review from Elena Hery
9 events 4 reviews

Rather loud and raucous for us. Everybody seemed to have a good time, though. Actors put their hearts and souls into it and the solution to the "crime" was no push-over. The food was nicely seasoned and better than we expected.

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Review from JOEY MARIE
25 events 3 reviews

Highly recommended, very interactive, fun night out!

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Review from Gschachtell
11 events 3 reviews

We had a great time. We laughed so much. The food was excellent also.

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Michelle Perry
Review from Michelle Perry
9 events 2 reviews

Amazing!!!! I never laughed this hard in a long time!!! what a fun evening!! want to do it again!

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Lara Mitchel
Review from Lara Mitchel
16 events 2 reviews

best way to celebrate my birthday with friends.it was hysterical, entertaining and food was great.
will do again!

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Mimi Ryan
Review from Mimi Ryan
7 events 2 reviews

This is a very well thought out performance by all. There were several B'Days, which is great, some large parties, another great thing. The Actors, wow, really, really good. I pegged a few (2), the others, I completely missed. Bravo. This is...continued

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Graham Smallwood
Review from Graham Smallwood
2 events 2 reviews

Well, since it is a mystery dinner, saying anything about it at all would be a hint. It was very clever and super funny and the food was really good. Oh, come up with a good fake name before you arrive. You get fake name tags.

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Review from Plowe
3 events 1 review

Fantastic! Highly entertaining!

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Quang T Ton
Review from Quang T Ton
1 event 1 review

Fun and very entertaining. Dinner was great as well.

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Beth Knoke
Review from Beth Knoke
10 events 1 review

Good show, fun! Good food only complaints are that the bar only took cash no cards, and the winner was a person that already bought the birthday package, there wasn't enough time to read everyone's responses and pick a winner, it just went to...continued

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Tammy Demetry
Review from Tammy Demetry
11 events 1 review

Great cast, great food and so much fun.

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Maribel Munoz
Review from Maribel Munoz
6 events 1 review

Great experience. Kept us on our toes all night long. Food was delicious. Highly recommended.

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Chrissy Casillas
Review from Chrissy Casillas
2 events 1 review

Great show! Horrible food and horrible service

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