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Leila Paredes
Review from Leila Paredes
Red Velvet 138 events 35 reviews

I loved it. Best family of entertrainers. Nice setting for Circus treats. Good lighting dim. Nice!

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Jose Byron Gonzalez
Review from Jose Byron Gonzalez
100 events 36 reviews

It was a bittersweet experience for me, who saw the circus at its peak many years ago and having fond memories of the golden age of circuses from the 60s. The cast is talented and put in every effort to present a great show. However, they also...continued

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Review from Amy
77 events 10 reviews

The sound quality was terrible. I couldn't hear any of the story that was being told. I have been for the last 3 years now and the content was the same as last year with a slight adjustment to the story. It felt like the add-on sales (photos,...continued

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Rebeca Villa
Review from Rebeca Villa
10 events 5 reviews

I love this circus. Don't judge the place by it's tent seize. The owner has a great imagination, It's non-animal cruel and every performer gives you their best. It's for everyone, young or old.

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Claudia Trevizo
Review from Claudia Trevizo
9 events 5 reviews

We had a great time

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Debbie Karaman
Review from Debbie Karaman
9 events 3 reviews

I was only willing to go because they no longer use animals in their acts. I was blown away by the acrobatic talents of the whole crew, who all seemed happy and who connected with the audience so well! It was like stepping back in time walking...continued

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Alma salvador
Review from Alma salvador
22 events 2 reviews

Es un show muy completo y el precio muy accesible nos divertimos mucho .

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Review from Diane
10 events 2 reviews

It was great! Beautiful sets and costumes. Everyone was so nice, interactions with children. Acrobats, flying trapeze, beautiful women! My children were mesmerized!

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Stylianos Elias
Review from Stylianos Elias
1 event 1 review

Exceeded our expectations! Great show, worth every penney!

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James Belohovek
Review from James Belohovek
1 event 1 review

Family loved it but miss the animals

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Charis Didear
Review from Charis Didear
3 events 1 review

I was a bit unsure of what to expect but was blown away! The kids were in awe and it was a great experience

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Sandy Ornelas
Review from Sandy Ornelas
5 events 1 review

We attended a 4pm show. It was great as it was not packed. All seats were great, no need to pay high prices for front role seats. I had not attended the circus since I was a kid and it was a different experience. There were no animals. All...continued

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Jennifer D'Alvarez
Review from Jennifer D'Alvarez
5 events 1 review

We’ve gone three years in a row and this was the best one so far! My whole family loves it.

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