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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 324 events 163 reviews

Fun event.
A bit crowded and when we arrived we were told that the parking was totally full, but we managed to find a spot.
There are some really beautiful things to see.

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Holly Wolfe
Review from Holly Wolfe
Red Velvet 176 events 114 reviews

Once parked the evening was fantastic! Beautiful and mysterious in the dark night! We had not seen another light display like it! Hope to enjoy it again next year! Traffic for parking was heavy but we managed. Lovely night and a great way to start...continued

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Review from Elliot
Red Velvet 121 events 56 reviews

Well executed event filled with exotic lights, minimal crowds, food trucks all in a beautiful surrounding.

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Rita Hand
Review from Rita Hand
Red Velvet 109 events 34 reviews

Enchanting evening the displays were beautiful, crowds not too bad which allowed time to view and take pictures.Hreat evening out

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Review from Paul
Red Velvet 146 events 33 reviews

Very colorful! The arboretum is the perfect venue for this event. We did this in a little over one hour but I can see where you could take longer. The grounds are large enough that it never felt crowded. All parking lots have an entrance to...continued

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Shelley Whizin
Review from Shelley Whizin
Red Velvet 49 events 18 reviews

I took my three grandchildren and all of us were mesmerized by the ingenuity, creativity and exquisite forms. It was magical!

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Lorraine Viade
Review from Lorraine Viade
Red Velvet 50 events 12 reviews

Truly magical. A delightful experience in every way!!

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Simone Brard
Review from Simone Brard
Red Velvet 65 events 11 reviews

Waaaaay better than LA Zoo lights, but get there early - PARKING was terrible! Had to find street parking in residential area because it was so busy. Lights were great - They have food trucks there for drinks, snacks, hot chocolate. Fun evening...continued

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Diana Nall Browne
Review from Diana Nall Browne
Red Velvet 20 events 3 reviews

Absolutely wonderful. Best holiday lights festival in the city.

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Albert Watts
Review from Albert Watts
928 events 810 reviews

The Arberitium has never been more spectacular. There seems to be a little too much competition with the Enchanted Forest of Light and zoo lights however. Maybe so a little closer to the actual Chinese latern festival in the Slpring.

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LA Theater Lover
Review from LA Theater Lover
483 events 318 reviews

This was fantastic. We were there for 2.5 hours. Free parking on site for Thanksgiving night. You should go and not miss this! Fabulous.

A lot of walking. Dress warmly and wear hiking boots. Some off paved trails needed to see items.


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Review from scangirl
170 events 113 reviews

Wonderful way to spend a holiday evening! Love the fact that all the light shows are different . Dress warm and have fun. The Chinese acrobats were a surprise.

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Linda Pickle
Review from Linda Pickle
80 events 61 reviews

Excellent will go again next year. It covers a very wide area of the Arboretum and was unexpectedly awesome, beautiful and breathtaking. Love the colors, the paths of flowers along the paths. The Aquarium was a lot of fun. The Chinese Blgs,...continued

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Maria Estrada
Review from Maria Estrada
80 events 59 reviews

My family and I really enjoyed this event. The displays were beautiful, bright, and colorful. The route is about a mile long, but it felt longer because there was so much to see. I especially liked the peacock, the pandas, and the dragon. We...continued

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Lily Reeves
Review from Lily Reeves
141 events 54 reviews

An incredible experience. It was absolutely beautiful. Allow time for parking. If the lot is full you need to park at the racetrack and take a shuttle but it was very well organized.

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Review from terri
177 events 29 reviews


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Review from anjm
66 events 29 reviews

Far exceeded our expectations. Very beautiful light sculptures were everywhere. The Chinese acrobats were good, but the fast-face-changer at the end of the show was fantastic. Wonderful for folk of every age. Go!

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Review from Alf
54 events 26 reviews

Although “lot full” signs made parking frustrating, heading over to the Westfield mall and then crossing Baldwin was actually less walking than Arboretum lots. Very nice entry pathway lanterns set the mood. I went immediately to the stage for the...continued

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EZ therapy
Review from EZ therapy
32 events 25 reviews

Entered via Depot entrance Saturday night 8 pm. Got lucky because some parking opened up. Extremely creative dazzling installations. Chinese acrobat entertainment. Had an old fashioned fair feeling with food trucks and art booths. It’s mostly...continued

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Sandi Hemmerlein
Review from Sandi Hemmerlein
50 events 25 reviews

You get a lot for your money. It's a dizzying display that you can spend a lot of time in, seeing the different setups from all angles. It's not a "holiday lights" display, and it's too early for Chinese New Year, but it still feels festive. Give...continued

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