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7 Stages
at Moreland Ave NE 1105 Euclid Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307
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Shana Robbins and the Nomadic Love Mesa
Featuring Stephanie Pharr and Orion from the Back Pockets
This performance runs approximately 40 minutes. There will only be three performances a night. The last show will start around 9 PM. This show contains partial nudity.

A new earth magick ritual exploring methods of movement and storytelling that recode ancient narratives of birth, death, identity and transformation. Audience members are immersed in a new indigenous ceremony offering physical and energetic transmissions of healing, re-embodiment, and life affirmation.

Josh Brooks and Megan Jance
Devise your own personal bathroom atmosphere/experience.

The Object Group
“Spoons”: an experiment in intimacy. Share a bed with a performer. One reads a romance novel aloud to her lover. Another asks that you pass the water. Another shares news from his day. Every experience is different. A comforting moment. An intimate connection. A curious encounter.

Created by Mike Stasny & Maggie Ginestra
“This is a black room.
It contains a strobe light and dance music.
The inside is bigger than the outside.
Your metabolism will eat you alive.
You will not recognize the people you don’t know, or your friends. Don’t be ridiculous.”

Fatimah Abdullah
Rotoscoping animation with watercolor backgrounds. A living painting which alters when a hidden motion sensor is tripped.

Project TBD: Johnny Drago, Jed Drummond, Christen Orr, and Charles Swint
“I Said I was Sorry”
Featuring: Hannah Rose Broom, Erik Thurmond, Jessica Unker, and Markell Williams

Peer through the keyhole, and tell me what you see. Tenderness? Terror? Tears? What looks to some like a moment of loving intimacy, may look to others like a nightmare in progress. A movement-based, durational meditation on domestic violence in queer relationships, “I Said I Was Sorry” voyeuristically deconstructs dangerous cycles of suffering, wherein the roles of victim and aggressor may alternate back and forth, forever and ever and ever. Till death do us part. This show contains adult themes.

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