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Review from GARY HIRSCH
86 events 47 reviews

The acting and the singing were very good. I especially liked the performance and singing of the wife/mother. I did not care for the songs and the storyline at all. The songs seemed to long and repetitive. I was expecting more of a comedy.

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floyd stephen
Review from floyd stephen
87 events 43 reviews

singing was awesome, everything was on point

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Review from Atlkarin
64 events 22 reviews

A truly fabulous cast -- loved every minute!

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Phil Keeling
Review from Phil Keeling
37 events 7 reviews

Possibly the best overall cast I’ve ever seen at AE: and I’ve seen a lot of great casts there.

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David York
Review from David York
11 events 5 reviews

The singers were talented and worked hard. While it picked up in the second act, there was not much to the story. And the set was very bland. Enjoyable enough but not my favorite at Actors Express.

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Michael Reedy
Review from Michael Reedy
11 events 4 reviews

Actor's Express has hit another home run! Don't miss it!

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Mike K.
Review from Mike K.
10 events 4 reviews

An O.K. story line that took some time to build. However, the quality of the actors was superb! Fun evening.

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Richard G. Rhodes
Review from Richard G. Rhodes
9 events 3 reviews

Outstanding performance, every in the cast was awesome.

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John S
Review from John S
33 events 2 reviews

Great show. Go see it.

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Frank Smetana-Ford
Review from Frank Smetana-Ford
2 events 2 reviews

I knew some of the songs ahead of time from online listening but only a few. Many were a surprise including the opening and closing numbers of both acts I and II. This is a very emotional, serious musical with deep themes. Only a few songs...continued

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Review from Joe
13 events 2 reviews

Outstanding cast and great singing. Filled with many topics and emotions. Go see it!

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Review from outlawa1
50 events 2 reviews

This witty emotional roller coaster of a play is very well-performed by it’s cast of just 5 actors. The set and costumes are minimal, allowing the music and lyrics to shine. Very enjoyable.

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Mary Thorpe
Review from Mary Thorpe
3 events 1 review

Amazing, a must see!!!

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Cheryl Louden
Review from Cheryl Louden
4 events 1 review

Great show!!!

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Naima McCorvey
Review from Naima McCorvey
1 event 1 review

IT was awesome! i loved the intimacy of the theater and the performances were phenom! after i left my daughter and I watched the performance on amazon with the original cast at Lincoln Center and i must say, the performance i saw at The Actors...continued

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Review from Joaquinff
6 events 1 review

Really fun and super talented cast!

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